Name: Candace
Seeking: Permanent Adopter
Adoption Status: Open
Age: 4 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color: White
Description: Hello ,my name is Candace a tiny girl with white body and black spots. I am around 4 months old when I was found by an old auntie,meowing at a void deckbecause I was hungry and searching for food.Many people passed me by,but no one bothered to help me until this auntie came along, and took pity on me and took me home and gave me food and water.You see,Auntie's friend first saw me and my two brothers abandoned in a cardboard box at a garbage bin.Auntie's friend went away to get a box,and when he came back I had walked away somewhere,in search of food(What else!) He took my brothers away,leaving me alone when I returned to look for my brothers.However,now Auntie has found me,I am happy living with her, But auntie is in her 70's and I need a permanent furr...ever home with people who can provide me with love. I have been dewormed and Revolutionised.auntie has very little resources and I have not been vaccinated yet. But I am super healthy and cheeky and please do consider bringing me into your family fold. Anyone interested please message/Whats App Lean Lin at 86784765. CWS guidelines apply: 1) Full meshing of windows and balconies 2) Allow CWS volunteers pre-adoption home visit to ensure grilles,meshes are applied to windows,etc 3)A pet is a lifetime commitment.Please ensure regular vet visits when necessary and sterilisation at the age of 6 months. 4) Allow post adoption visits by CWS volunteers to assess welfare of adopted cat 5) Ensure fresh food and water available for cat everyday. 5) Visits to the vet regularly and as needed.
You can contact fosterer leanlin by:
· Sending a board message
· Texting/calling the fosterer at 86784765

Posted on July 28, 2017, 4:34 pm