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We are still far from reaching our fundraising target in 2016. We need your help to sustain our operations in sterilisation and mediation which are critical backbones to providing a humane solution to cat issues around Singapore instead of culling. 

Win 4 tickets to the production of The Cat in the Hat! (CLOSED)

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07/01/2015 (All day)

How to win 4 tickets to the production of The Cat in the Hat? Send us a photo of your cat in a hat to today! Contest runs from 1st July to 8th July and the winner will be announced on 9th July; background-size: auto; display: inline-block; height: 16px; width: 16px; background-position: 0px -340px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; ">smil

Guidelines for Submitting Special Appeals

Special Appeals is platform we started to help caregivers with their veterinary expenses for community cats. Since 2012, we have disbursed over $400,000 towards closing these appeals. 

Every year, we have helped to top up appeals that did not reach its full amount with our donation surplus. This year however, it is unlikely that our fundraising will reach its target as donations have fallen short. 

Since January, we have disbursed over $70,000 to special appeals and we are still raising funds for open appeals amounting to $112,000. We encourage those with open appeals to share them with your friends and supporters to encourage people to make use of our tax benefits to help you close them before their one year expiration date. 

We regret this turn of events which affects all volunteers, caregivers and rescuers. Our cats still need us and they require us to continue to help them with what resources we all still have. 

Donate to Special Appeals

Indicate the SA you would like to donate to with your details here

By providing your Tax Reference number (e.g. NRIC/FIN), the tax deduction for your donation will be automatically included in your tax assessment. You will not need to claim the deduction in your tax form.

Kindly send a donation to CWS' account:

Bank: DBS Current Account
Account number: 065 - 013507 - 8 
Bank Code: 7171 
Branch Code: 065

Please note that any additional amounts or untraceable amounts collected will be channeled to the oldest Open Special Appeals. 


The Special Appeal cases are posted by Cat Welfare Society for caregivers. The purpose is to help them defray their expenses for community cats and encourage people to continue to help sick or injured cats. 

Order Information - Online order no longer available


PLEASE NOTE that our online store at is NO LONGER ACTIVE and the products listed here are NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION. As such, we will not be taking any online orders for our CWS merchandise. We will advise shortly about alternate site. Apologies for the inconveniece.
Payment Methods: - Bank Transfer - Paypal - Credit Card * Please note that there is a 4% service fee for using Paypal and credit cards. Delivery & Handling: Handling fees are included in delivery charges. Rates for tops are $2 each, and $1 per additional top. Rates for decals are $1 for up to 10 pieces. Delivery Methods: - SingPost normal postage (not recommended for orders exceeding 4 tops) - SingPost registered postage (not recommended for orders exceeding 6 tops) - Courier delivery


Please note that with the launch of our Jipaban store, we will no longer be accepting any orders made through email. This is to ensure that our inventory is accurate and to avoid any overselling. We hope to receive your continued support through the purchase of our merchandise and hope that you have a pleasant experience shopping with us through!

What is sterilisation? Why sterilise?


URGENT: [SA17022] Seeking Donations for Community Cat with Big Wound and Inappetence

Aljunied Crescent is a community cat from central Singapore. He was found with a big wound on the back. He was also very dehydrated and had a very poor appetite. Aljunied Crescent was taken to the vet.




URGENT: [SA17021] Seeking Donations for Community Cat with Ear Infection and Stomach Problems

MeeMee is a community cat from northern Singapore. She was vomiting frequently and was found to be very dehydrated. The caregiver therefore brought her to the vet.




URGENT: [SA17020] Seeking Donations for Community Cat with Kidney Failure and Wound

Lang Lui is a community cat from southern Singapore. She was not eating for a few days and was therefore sent to the vet.




URGENT: [SA17019] Seeking Donations for Community Cat with Hernia

BB was found paralysed at the side of a busy road in western Singapore, and was rushed to the vet.




URGENT: [SA17018] Seeking Donations for Community Cat with Jaundice and Liver and Gallbladder Problems

Stockings is a community cat from western Singapore. He was found to have a poor appetite for a number of days and was not walking properly. He was sent to the vet for a check-up.


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