Spay Day 2008

Event date: 
10/31/2008 - 09:00

Finally! Kicking off Spay Day 2008, a day of cat snipping, islandwide!
This is yet another effort by CWS to thank the caregivers by offering free sterilisation slots, in conjunction with participating vets!

>>> Please note that we are not able offer a vet of your choice. The slots will be allocated according to the areas in which you would deliver your cat(s) to - North/South/East/West. If you are unsure of your area, please do include your mailing address and we will arrange this accordingly.

Whitty Requires Accupuncture

This beautiful kitten fell from the 4th floor. She is having some trouble urinating on her own and her bowel movements are also a bit out of control. Her caregiver, Penny, has to help Whitty pee and poo all the time.

Whitty is currently undergoing accupuncture treatment at per session. It is estimated that she will need at least 10 sessions in order to recover.

This is the message on behalf of the caregiver:

Mother cat requires surgery for broken foot

On the 30th of January 2007, a female cat with newborn kittens of about a week was found to have a broken right hind leg. The person who is putting up this appeal managed to send the female cat to Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic and the 5 newborn kittens are now in a foster home. they have paid a deposit to the clinic and the vet has informed him that the cat needs surgery. Estimated cost for this is SGD1500.

The person sending this appeal says :

CWS Membership Card and Membership Perks!

Event date: 
07/31/2008 (All day)

31 Jul 08 - Thank you everyone who have signed up for CWS membership programme. The cards are ready and will be sent out in August! Introducing our whole new range of Membership Perks!
Understand that many of you are eager to receive the membership cards which is overdue, a million apologies for that!

But not to worry, we will be mailing out the cards by end August - together with a list of membership perks.

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