Lost and Found

Cat Found at Pasir Ris Street 21

Dark brown male cat found at Pasir Ris Street 21. Owner please call 90210616

Garield is Missing

Last seen Tampines Around Blk 928. Very distinctive Brown nose. If found please Whatsapp me her recent photos. 90882488. Thank you

Have you Seen Guai Guai, a Missing Cat, Lost at Lengkok Bahru?

Name of pet: Guai Guai Breed: Birman cat Color: White with black nose Gender: Female Age: 2 years old Size: small-medium built Date Lost: 29 July 2014, morning Place Lost: Blk 44, Lengkok Bahru Microchip number: Nil Distinct features: Ear tipped. blue eyes, very gentle and mild contact person: Angel, 8255 1843 zhoulaoshi2000@gmail.com, juneteowq@gmail.com Photo and detail at http://missing.sg/guaiguai

Have you Seen AMITIS, a Missing Persian Cat, Lost at Mt Emily Road?

Location and Date Last Seen/Found: 
Mt Emily Road
Name of pet : Amitis Breed : Persian Color: Greyish blue white and brown splotches Gender: Female Age :2 years + Size : medium Date Lost : last seen at about 11 pm 25 July 2014 Place Lost: Around Mt Emily Road Microchip number :702055550042321 Distinct features : SPCA tattoo on ear, black collar with fish pendant with her name on 1 side and her owner's telephone number on the other side contact person : Wan Yew Fai , 96912226, wanyewfai@gmail.com Photo and details at http://missing.s

Have you seen SNOWY, a Missing Ragdoll Cat, Lost at Thomson Close?

Name of pet: Snowy Breed: Ragdoll Cat Color: White/Offwhite with grey paws Gender: Male Age: 14 years old Size:Average. Looks smaller and more grey when wet (fur sticks to his body) Date Lost: July 23, 2014 Place Lost: Thomson Close Distinct features: Grey paws contact person: Ms Cheng, 91003838, huiminche@gmail.com Photo and details at http://missing.sg/snowy

$100 Reward for WHISKY, a Missing Black Cat, Lost at Hillcrest Acadia?

Name of pet: Whisky Breed: Cat Color: Black Gender: Male Size: Small. Body length approx 50cm Date Lost: 23 July 2014 Place Lost: Blk 261, Hillcrest Arcadia, Arcadia Road Distinct features: long tail. Small white patch on chest. Ear unclipped. yellow eyes.Scar on back of right leg. May be wearing yellow and brown collar with tag Owner: Joline. Tel 90048518 / 9362 2294 or Alex at 9731 4340. jolinejl@gmail.com Photo and details at http://missing.sg/whisky

Lost Tom Cat

Hi ushika, I referred to your Missing Ad on your Tom Cat, Max, on Tue, 07/22/2014 - 11:51. I think I saw him last week morning, can't remember which day, walking along Marine Terrace main road, going to Blk 52 rubbish chute looking for food. I am not sure if this is Max, but I do remember that his white paws are about the same as your lost cat. It's a beautiful stray cat which is not normally seen. You may want to insert your tel number so that anybody who sees Max can call you.

Tikki lost in Bedok North

Tikki, a juvenile cat whom we just posted in CWS Adoption page was lost on the 18/7/14. With the help of some kind souls, we managed to get her a new owner but the night before she was to be sent away, she was lost in the hands of a temporary fosterer. Please help to find her as she can't survive in the stray environment.

Black and White Cat Found in Simei Street 1

Hi, a black and white furry kitty appears to be lost at Simei Street 1. The cat does not appear to be sterilized and the ears are unclipped. The cat would meow whenever it sees people and try to follow humans. It keeps crossing busy roads and climbing stairs to residential unit looking for its family we are worried for it. If it appears to be your cat, please contact us. Currently it does not have a home but she has food and water. It is very friendly and manja and the poor thing is trying hard to locate its family members.


Our cat, Max, has been missing since 19 July 2014. Please contact me if you have seen him or found him. We miss him terribly. He was last seen at 5000K Lagoon View, Marine Parade Road
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