I am their voice. How about you?

MEWS December 2016

JOIN OUR LOVE CATS DESIGN HACKATHON this Sat 17 Dec 11am at National Youth Council in Somerset.

Yes, it's end 2016 and we are still talking about why cats are not allowed in flats, even after a successful pilot that proved that most cat owners are already responsible. 

If you can write, draw, have ideas to add to ours, come join us on Saturday as we plan to blow the lid off this issue in 2017. Email veron@catwelfare.org to join the Design Hackathon.

I AM THEIR VOICE. HOW ABOUT YOU?Theresa Goh, Amanda Lim and Shayna Ng, our amazing national athletes have lent their voice to our Singapore cats.

Together with other celebrities, they want more people to know the joy of adoption, how to love our cats well and make their lives better... everyday.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Saving Lives Everyday campaign as the Cat Welfare Society focuses on education in 2017. Help spread the word --- Cats are great!

Shop for a cause right here. Whether it is a cat-themed necklace, catnip toys, Catopia tee-shirts, your purchases from http://catwelfare.org/shopforcats can save lives! 

Donate on behalf of a friend and they will receive a specially designed e-card from the Cat Welfare Society!

Donate at www.catwelfare.org/donation and send info@catwelfare.org your friend's email!

It will be a gift that keeps giving!


Straits Times Cat Welfare Society urges need to keep pets indoors after animal found dead outside Marsiling flat 
Channel News Asia 25-year-old man arrested for cat abuse in Tampines 
Channel News Asia Woman jailed for failing to care for her 39 cats 

Our cats need our vigilence. As the new AVA investigation team steps up its efforts in abuse cases, let's do our part to provide good information when we see abuse taking place and raise awareness in our neighbourhoods to help bring justice for our cats  http://www.catwelfare.org/report-cat-abuse

"Give the Gift of Second Chance" to help us raise $100,000 to sustain our sterilisation, mediation and education programmes by end December. Our work saves lives everyday.

Donate via Simply Giving or our donation channels at www.catwelfare.org/donation.

Every cent counts.


Cats in far flung industrial areas are finally receiving the help they need when the Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme went islandwide this year. Caregivers now enjoy free sterilisation for all community cats, co-funded by the Cat Welfare Society and AVA. 

To help even more cats, we are stoked to be able to team up with SPCA to increase the capacity for sterilisations at their new Sungei Tengah premises. We look forward to more of such team ups in 2017 so we can all get to the forgotten cats out there faster!


Kicking off at the HomeTeamNS Sembawang Clubhouse, our cat bus took 80 participants to 3 unique cat welfare locations in Singapore! The purpose of the tour was to let one and all see for themselves what often happens behind the scenes when rescuers and volunteers deal with abandonment, abused and sick cats. We are honoured to have the HomeTeamNS Sembawang Chairman Mr Frederick Tan join us on our tour!

First stop, Kittycare Haven, where we visited the 18 Yishun Hoarder cats who have taken months to recover and looks forwward to all the affection they can get! The participants had a long hard look at shelter life for cats as they await adoption to good homes. 

We then visited Su and Lilian, Yishun feeders and their community cats to see how they are responsibly cared for in our neighbourhoods. Sterilisation and good caregiving have improved the lives of so many cats while reducing the population. This means more cats are getting the help they need!

Finally we stop by a Cat Home that cares for 100 cats, one of the many private catteries run by dedicated individuals like Mdm Goh who provide palliative care to many senior cats. 

We thank HomeTeamNS Sembawang for making this cat bus tour possible. We also thank SPH Foundation and Animal Human Alliance for organising the cat food donation drive that made it possible to help caregivers like Su, Lilian and Mdm Goh with cruelty-free Gold D cat food!




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