We need $50,000 to help these caregivers help more cats

Special Appeals is a platform we started to help caregivers with their veterinary expenses for community cats. Since 2012, we have disbursed over $480,000 to caregivers so that they can continue their tireless work of helping more cats. 

We aim to raise $50,000 from now till Apr 12 (Wednesday) to complement the $30,000 already raised to cover all the appeals that remain open. Your help will go a long way to sharing this incredible dedication to the vulnerable. https://www.giving.sg/cat-welfare-society/much_needed_veterinary_care_fo...


Donate to Special Appeals

Indicate the SA you would like to donate to with your details here

You can also donate to individual appeals. To use the bamk transfer mode, you will need to provide your Tax Reference number (e.g. NRIC/FIN). The tax deduction for your donation will be automatically included in your tax assessment. You will not need to claim the deduction in your tax form.

Kindly send a donation to CWS' account:

Bank: DBS Current Account
Account number: 065 - 013507 - 8 
Bank Code: 7171 
Branch Code: 065

Please note that any additional amounts or untraceable amounts collected will be channeled to the oldest Open Special Appeals. 



The Special Appeal cases are posted by Cat Welfare Society for caregivers. The purpose is to help them defray their expenses for community cats and encourage people to continue to help sick or injured cats. 


Terms and Conditions

  1. Special Appeals is strictly for community cats and not for pets.
  2. The caregiver has helped a community cat at his or her own expense.
  3. All amounts requested need to be accompanied by verified receipts.
  4. The request to put up a Special Appeal is made only after all bills are obtained and medical treatment is completed. Once an appeal is posted, the amount requested for cannot be amended.
  5. Multiple postings are not allowed. Only one Special Appeal can be put up for a specific medical condition of a cat, regardless of the number of vet consultations, treatments and surgery.
  6. We do not allow double claim. In the event that you have already raised funds through other means/platforms for your specific appeal case, you are not qualified to ask Cat Welfare Society to set up a Special Appeal for your case.
  7. The request to put up a Special Appeal must be made within twelve months upon completion of the treatment.
  8. The maximum amount that can be sought for per appeal is SGD 750.00.
  9. All Open Appeal will stay open until 31 May 2017.
  10. A reimbursement form will be sent to caregiver once the appeal is closed. The donations will be paid out to caregiver within 12 weeks of receipt of the completed reimbursement form from caregiver with original receipts.


How You Can Help: 

Share the appeals and donate generously to help caregivers with their care of community cats!