MEDIA RELEASE - Singapore's first Tiger Show

Singapore, 10 February 2010 | For Immediate Release

The Cat Welfare Society, together with the Post-Museum, is hosting a week-long art and advocacy event from 21 - 28 February 2010. The provocatively titled "Tiger Show " welcomes the year of the Mighty Cat in celebration of our humble Community Cats. It will bring together people from all walks of life that have a passion for animal welfare, and most certainly, a soft spot for our feline friends - to gather, to share, to learn and to party!

Event line-up for the week 21 Feb (Sunday) 7.30pm - The Tiger Show Opens Opening of our week-long feline-inspired Art Exhibition and Bazaar Free, by invitation. The show is a gathering of renowned cat artists like Paul Koh of Catmasutra, Ng Ling Tze of Sloth Studios, the team from Cats of the World as well as other local artists like multi-disciplinary visual artist,Tay Bee Aye and ceramist, Michelle Lim. Many feline-inspired collectibles will also be on sale at the show! Exhibition opening hours 6-10pm (Tue-Fri), 12nn-10pm (Sat-Sun).

25 Feb (Thursday) 8.00pm - "I am Cat. Hear Me Roar" An advocacy and mediation workshop for the welfare of cats $8 with a non-alcoholic drink $12 with an alcoholic drink Be part of an open and honest discussion with SPCA, Action for Singapore Dogs, Cat Welfare Society and guest panelist Mr Siew Kum Hong about where animal welfare, especially for domestic animals, stands in Singapore - our progress and our stumbling blocks, with insights into the role of new media in advancing our collective cause. Our line-up of speakers include Jaipal Gill from SPCA who will be speaking on animal sentience, Kelly Then on managing disputes and November of Leafmonkey Workshop on new media advocacy.

6 Feb (Friday) 7.30pm Animal People Singles' Night! $12 with first drink It's a party so let the fur fly. It's time to break out the alcohol and the party heels. If you have ever lamented that you met this wonderful person to find out they hate your dog or your hamster, you won't have this problem here. And did we mention the vivacious Maia Lee is performing? (Strictly humans tonight, please!)

28 Feb (Sunday) 12 - 5pm Cat's Day Out $30 per ticket We are reviving this popul

ar gathering of cat people and their cats! Join our favourite host, 

Melody Chen in search of the most beautiful domestic cat that day! Also look out for cat grooming services, cat and owner photo portraiture taking, cat training workshop and a very special symposium cum visual performance by the one and only Smiling Yogi Bala Matchap -- Cat Yoga!


Cat welfare in Singapore

The burden of stemming the tide of destruction largely falls to cat caregivers – regular people with a big heart.

The proliferation of stray animals in our communities is a human-created problem. They are here as a direct result of human-driven activities – a thriving live pet trade, irresponsible breeding and pet abandonment. As we enter the year of the Tiger, animal welfare agencies and organisations have a big concern - the number of animals that are going to be cleaned out with the trash during spring cleaning. This trend is mirrored in more than one turning of the year on a multi-cultural calendar – Hari Raya and New Year’s Day. And we are already seeing it happen with the next Chinese New Year around the corner.

On January 30 2010, 8 cats were abandoned in their filthy, rusty cages. When community cat caregivers received the tip-off, only 2 very frightened cats remained. The rest had gone to hide in the drains. Our experience with home cats that have been abandoned is that they have very little chance of survival. Some stay put in their hiding spot refusing food until they waste completely away.

Cat caregivers are those who sterilise and manage their community cats and work closely with the Town Council to resolve cat-related issues. They are volunteers who give of their own time and resources to care for the welfare of community cats.

The current measures in addressing the problem of stray cat proliferation includes

Pet Cat Ownership

* Improving standards and practices of pet shops by the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) * Education and awareness campaigns on responsible pet ownership by government agencies and animal welfare organisations

* Banning cats from public housing by the Housing & Development Board (HDB) (therefore pet cat abandonment is not a crime)

* Face-to-face mediation with cat owners, sterilisation assistance and rescue efforts by cat caregivers with the support of the Cat Welfare Society and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Stray or Abandoned Cats

* Sterilisation of community cats by cat caregivers with the support of SPCA and the Cat Welfare Society. Approx. 4200 sterilised through the support of the Cat Welfare Society and SPCA in 2008.

* Boarding at overtaxed animal shelters in Singapore * Surrendering of animals and destruction at the Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) – Approx. 4500 surrendered in 2008

* Impounding and destruction by the - AVA Approx. 3500 culled in 2008 And still we had to put down 8000 cats last year. An average of 10,000 cats has been put down every year for the last 10 years.

The current measures put the considerable burden of addressing the problem of irresponsible cat owners squarely on cat caregivers. They also offer irresponsible cat owners an easy way out by abandoning and surrendering without consequences. The number of cats destroyed is gradually coming down, but the burden on cat caregivers continue year after year. The decreasing numbers is also a testimony to their efforts.

Many cat owners are driven to keep cats to save them from the streets, pest control and abuse. The percentage of people with local cats picked from the streets far outweighs the ones with pedigrees. Not regulating ownership not only penalises responsible owners who help keep cats off our streets, it puts irresponsible owners out of reach of the long arm of enforcement.

Currently, government action against cat owners is confined in large degree to eviction. The pet cats then often join the community cats on the street. Addressing the problem of irresponsible supply and demand, breeding and abandoning of pets has to come from a direct and concerted effort by government agencies, animal welfare organisations and the community of concerned citizens and pet owners, through legislation and enforcement, awareness and education and community peer pressure.

It is our aim at the Cat Welfare Society to support this steadfast and devoted community. We are celebrating their labours, the spirit and their compassion at the Tiger Show.

Additional event information

Event and registration information can be found on our


Facebook fan page!/pages/Cat-Welfare-Society/99555921064

Our Facebook event page has garnered 100 confirmed guests as of 10 Feb 2010! Profiles of our sponsors, artists and talents for the Tiger Show are listed in Annex A.

About Cat Welfare Society

The Cat Welfare Society is a charity, run almost entirely by volunteers, whose aim is to improve the welfare of community cats in Singapore. All community cats deserve our compassion and protection, and we believe that there are humane, effective ways to control their population -- that is, through sterilisation instead of destruction. We exist for the following purposes:

* To promote tolerance, kindness and respect towards cats and other living creatures.

* To promote sterilisation as opposed to culling (putting to sleep) of cats.

* To promote responsible pet ownership and responsible management of community cats.

* To increase awareness of the state of cats living in the streets of Singapore and stop ignorance through education.

About Post-Museum

Post-Museum is an independent cultural and social space which seeks to examine contemporary life, promote the arts and connect people. It is a ground-up project initiated by Singaporean curatorial team p-10 and it opened in September 2007. We are located in two 1920s shop-houses in Little India, an exciting and truly historical and multi-cultural area in Singapore.

Through its activities, Post-Museum aims to respond to its location and community as well as serve as a hub for local and international cultures. Our activities cover many areas including Art, Design, Architecture and work by NGOs. p-10 is the Resident Curatorial Team and is responsible for a large part of the Art programme.

The other programmes are organised by other motivated individuals who have interest and/or expertise in those areas.

For media clarification, please contact:

Veron Lau Mediation & Community Outreach Officer Cat Welfare Society Tel: +65 96658971 Email:

Jennifer Teo Director Post-Museum Tel: +65 63963598 Email:

Annex A - Tiger Show Sponsors, Artists & Talents


Lee Foundation Lee Foundation is a charitable foundation in Singapore created to fund programs that promote education and other philanthropic work. It was founded in 1952 by philanthropist and businessman, Lee Kong Chian.

Pet Lovers Centre A pioneer of the pet food and accessory retailing in Singapore, PLC was founded in 1973 as a family business. The Company grew rapidly since the second generation of the family took over in 1998. In addition to more than 8 fold increase in business turnover, the quality and variety of the services offered by the Company has been enhanced. The 30 years of dedicated service has helped us won the hearts of many customers. It is known for being able to provide a comprehensive range of products of good quality at competitive prices. In addition, the chain is also proud to be able to provide the freshest of pet food in the industry.

PETS Magazine A 3-year old publication that has moved from its previous “pocket-sized” version to a brighter, friendlier and more lovable pets magazine. The new content format is broadly classified into three main sections – PETS, PEOPLE, PASSION and its inaugural issue is now in newsstands.

Rusty’s Favourite "Indulgence Pet Food was launched in Jan 2008 as a pet products distributorship. We were taking (what felt like) a giant leap into the pet industry after years of rescue-training-rehoming sessions, and needed a home base for our potential clients to get in touch with us… Somewhere over the following years our focus changed direction, when we realized that we were getting more and more customers from the various products we created. Thus the creation of Rusty's Favourite Lamb / Chicken / Turkey Chunks in Gravy...

It was enhanced by an online TV feature called 'French Cuisine for Doggies' which did very well for branding, and the attention increased. By then we had caught the Facebook bug. From there we have tried to cover every aspect of pet products, education and rescue, sponsoring EVENTS and giving back to deserving charities (humans & animals) as well as attempting to inspire through our showcases.

Some of the Artists and Talents at the Tiger Show

Balakrishnan Matchap Bala, certified by Vivekananda Yoga Institude, Bangalore, India, has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. He is also trained in Thai Traditional Massage by Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand.

Catmasutra Over the years, Paul Koh has created a unique body of captivating and vibrant cat-inspired art that has been extremely well-received and sought after. Quirky, amusing and karmic, Paul's cat paintings unveil an “in-between” world where innocence and mischief go hand in hand. In each of his paintings, the cats (based on his real-life pets, Halo and Angel) is the artist’s gateway to a new space, a wonderland where emotions are innocent enough to run free, and dreams more than just make-believe. The trademark 'eyes-wide-shut' and 'ear-to-ear grin' of the Catmasutra cats embody this deep-seated childhood innocence cum devil-may-care bravado. This is the essence of Paul's Catmasutra cat paintings...

Cats of the World A fun project put together by a group of cat-lovers with a keen interest in photography, this non-profit photo exhibition showcases light-hearted snapshots of cats found all over the world. COTW will be back for the fourth time in June 2010 at The Arts House.

Maia Lee Lee is part of the local techno trio, The Usual Suspects, who have had three Number 1 hits on the local station WKRZ 91.3 FM: "China Girl", "The Love You Promised", and "Sunburn". She was a finalist in the national talent contest, Singapore Idol, where she was known for her high-energy performances and controversial "bad girl" image. Given nicknames such as "Rock Chick", "Hot Babe" and "Sexy Momma", she graced the May 2005 cover of the popular male lifestyle magazine FHM. She was also voted eighth in FHM Singapore's list of the World's Most Sexiest Women, and was FHM's Most Outspoken Babe 2005. She fed her first stray cat 18 years ago.

Melody Chen Melody began her acting career as a teenager in 1995 and is now an accomplished Singaporean actress and presenter with an impressive portfolio of television, film and hosting experience. Melody’s spontaneous and vibrant flair for hosting has seen her emcee many successful events and product launches, both in Singapore as well as abroad. Melody’s determination to challenge herself physically and mentally has also seen her take part as a contestant in AXN channel’s very first “Amazing Race Asia” as well as various sporting events in Singapore. Melody has recently been cast as a celebrity contestant in Asia’s first ice-skating reality competition, “Ice Star Asia“, which will air on a slated TV channel in 2010. Melody is married to Randall Tan, who is also an actor and host in Singapore and they are proud owners of Gabby and Mocha, their beloved pet cats.

Michelle Lim Michelle is a young career ceramic artist. Versatile and cross-disciplinary, she has been a product designer and educator of youth at risk, for which she has received awards. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Design Arts (Ceramics) at the Australian National University’s School of Art. Her work has been described as thoughtful, personal and accessible. It has been said that “… one of her greatest assets come from her wide interest in disciplines beyond the scope of design, which includes other art forms such as literature, theatre, photography and music. … this diverse outlook has endowed her with a certain sensibility and empathy for life and for living…” . Ceramic Bowls by Michelle Lim

Ng Ling Tze (黄灵芝) A crazed cat fanatic by day, and a painting machine by night. Ling tze is out to portray all her skills into her passion for both her most loved subjects. Aside from working on decor art, and crafts for sale in art galleries and retail shops (Barang Barang at The Central & Singapore Post; and The Shop at Art House), she also does mural paintings for schools and commercial venues.

Rudy Djoharnaen Rudy is an artist, jazz singer and art educator. Graduated from Lasalle SIA College of the Arts (Painting Major). He participated in various group art exhibitions at various venues and had his First Solo show in July 2007.

Sophia Ong Sophia explores discarded objects and materials with a lighthearted playfulness that belies her involved relationship with them. She seeks to re-evaluate neglected materials through a revival and reimagining of their previous forms. She is a Singapore-based artist recently graduated from the highly regarded Elam School of Fine Arts in New Zealand. She has additional training from the Temasek School of Design and Nanyang Polytechnic.

Tay Bee Aye Bee aye is a multidisciplinary visual artist. She studies Fine Art at the LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts, with a Georgette Chen Art Scholarship awarded by NAC and graduated in 1999. Since then Tay actively participates in may arts activities and festivals. Her signature creations of soft sculptures and site-specific installation works using fabric-based materials have been exhibited in various locations in Singapore namely, Suntec City, SMU, SGH and the Esplanade. Painting by Tay Bee Aye


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