URGENT: [SA090] Seeking Donations for Community Kittens with Flu & Fever


These four kittens were abandoned at a block of flats in Woodlands and were rescued by a caregiver, with the intention of fostering them until they are ready for adoption.

However, the kittens were not eating well and were suffering from flu and fever. They were sent to the vet where they had to be hospitalised for 2 weeks due to the severity of their conditions.

The total medical cost was SGD 1,071.07.

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How You Can Help: 
We are urgently appealing for donations to help defray the cost incurred for these community kittens, with the appeal amount at SGD 1,000.00. - Please fill in details here. By providing your Tax Reference number (e.g. NRIC/FIN), the tax deduction for your donation will be automatically included in your tax assessment. You would not need to claim the deduction in your tax form. Kindly send a donation to CWS' account: Bank: DBS Current Account Account number: 065 - 013507 - 8 Bank Code: 7171 Branch Code: 065 Please note that any additional amounts or untraceable amounts collected will go to Cat Welfare Society's sterilisation fund. Thank you!