Research on Animal Welfare

This page consolidates research and social commentary on animal welfare, particularly cat welfare, in Singapore. 

No room to swing a cat? Animal treatment and urban space in Singapore

Southeast Asian Studies, Vol. 5, No. 2, August 2016, pp. 305-329
Ying-kit Chan

Since Singapore’s independence in 1965, the People’s Action Party government has launched an extensive urban planning program to transform the island into a modern metropolis. This paper discusses human-animal relations and the management of stray cats in postcolonial Singapore. In exploring the perceptions and handling of stray cats in Singapore, I argue that stray cats became an urban “problem” as a result of the government’s public-health regime, urban renewal projects, and attempts to fashion itself and Singapore for international tastes, and that cat activists are the main agents of rebuilding connections between animals and everyday urban life. In particular, I analyze how cat-welfare associations and individual citizens assume functions that the government has been loath to perform unless absolutely necessary.

Cat Welfare Society, and whether social media can actually save Singapore's cats

For Singapore-based movements like Cat Welfare Society, social media plays a large part in getting the word out there. With a big cat community, which have inspired popular Facebook pages like Humans of New York-esque page, Cats of Singapore, and Cats of Redhill (think of it like a Residents Committee, but for cats), it is integral in CWS’s quest to get the word out there. But how much can social media really do?

Animal Protection Laws of Singapore and Malaysia

Research Collection School Of Law, 2013
Alvin W. L. See

This article offers an overview and assessment of the laws relating to the protection of animals in Singapore and Malaysia. The focus is on identifying the interpretations of the statutory offences of cruelty that will best promote their objectives and effectiveness.

A year of greater engagement 

TODAY, 7 May 2012, p 10, 12 & 14 

Since last May's General Election, the Government has been reaching out more to civil society and netizens. How successful has it been? What has been the impact on policymaking?

Evolving attitudes towards animals since their domestication

Part of a talk by CWS, together with SPCA and Vegetarian Society of Singapore, on the intelligence and emotions of animals that was aired at the South & West Asia Vegetarian Congress, held in Bangalore on 30 Oct-1 Nov 2010.