I Found a Sick/Injured Cat

You are it's best hope.

No one will get there faster than the person who is already there. What got many of us started in animal welfare is that first cat that we couldn't walk away from. We didn't know who to call, we didn't know what to do but we didn't give up. 

Through social media and the various channels of communication within the cat community, more than ever, first-time rescuers aren't alone. Be a part of our self-help network that makes it possible for more cats to be saved. 

  • You can call SPCA's 24hr hotline at 62875355 ext 9 for help. But many more people are already calling them on any given day. 
  • Put the cat in a secure box and bring it to a vet. Here is a list of stray-friendly vets that rescuers frequent. 
  • Call a professional trapper. Many volunteers have them on dial because of the crucial work that they do 

           Tel: 98410307 (Belle)
           Email: petwagon.sg@gmail.com

           Professional Cat Trapper
           Tel: 94897626 (Vincent)
           Email: once_a_stray@yahoo.com.sg

           Professional Cat Trapper
           Tel: 96956931 (Richard)
           Email: richardngym@yahoo.com

  • If boarding is required, volunteers rely on these stray-friendly services

           Kittycare Haven
           80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1
           (inside Globe Eximport Pte Ltd)
           Tel: 97958995 (Sia Ping)
           Email: kittycarehaven@gmail.com
           Website: www.kittycarehaven.com

           Mutts & Mittens
           11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2
           Email: enquiries@muttsnmittens.com
           Website: www.muttsnmittens.com

           Pet Boarding Centre
           80 (Plot LCK 135) Lim Chu Kang Lane 1
           (inside Globe Eximport Pte Ltd)
           Email: admin@petboardingcentre.com.sg
           Website: petboardingcentre.com.sg

  • Locate the feeder in the area to let them know what happened to the cat. They may be worried. When the cat is well again, assess its temperament to decide whether to release it back to the community or put it up for adoption. For reintegration, work with the feeder to settle the cat back into the community.