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We are still far from reaching our fundraising target in 2016. We need your help to sustain our operations in sterilisation and mediation which are critical backbones to providing a humane solution to cat issues around Singapore instead of culling. 

The CWS Second Chance Appeal is our annual online fundraiser for 2016 and we are seeking assistance from you to help us continue our work to fight for our community cats in Singapore. We need to raise $100,000 which will provide us with critical funds required to sustain operations into 2017. 

Alternatively, you can donate through our donation channels at

At our last fundraiser, many of you were surprised to learn that we are not funded by the government and that all our funding over the years have been sourced on our own and through the kindness of our donors. This has not changed. 

Every dollar counts, no matter the amount, and your donations will help thousands of human and feline lives through education, sterilisations, medical assistance and financial aid for the less fortunate. This has proven to be an uphill battle, but losing our cats and in turn, our humanity is simply NOT an option.

At Cat Welfare Society, we save lives everyday by being on the frontline when there is a complaint or issue about cats in our communities. 

We save lives by:

  • Educating the young and old on how to treat all cats with kindness at home or on the street.
  • Establishing and maintaining crucial partnerships with town councils and government agencies. 
  • Intervening whenever necessary to fight for their right to live amongst us.

To continue to give the vulnerable and abused their crucial second chances, we desperately need your help to:

  • Keep our mediators on the frontline 
  • Provide support to a large network of dedicated caregivers 
  • Provide crucial assistance to families at risk

The CWS Second Chance Fund will provide us with critical funds to make a difference.
Donate generously today and help us help them -

Please share our fundraising appeal with your family and friends and help us spread the word!

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