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Happy and Dopey

Age 4 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Others
Current Fosterer leanlin
Contact Number 86784765

Happy and Dopey are brothers,4 and a half months old.The rescuer picked them out from a cardboard box together with their mother and sister.All four were stuffed into a small box which was then sealed shut with cellophane tape for many hours,before they were released. All four were spilling out of the box for fresh air,when it was finally opened.

Now in happier times,Happy and Dopey love to run about chasing each other,and wrestling with each other. They are happy with each others’ company.
Do adopt them in a pair, and you can just sit back and watch them play with each other.When they have had enough of playing,they will sit back and relax alongside you,and they love being stroked.
Fully vaccinated,dewormed,deflea done and neutered.

Adoption as per CWS guidelines apply.
1) Potential adopter must keep the cats totally indoors. They are not to be let outside to roam,nor to be abandoned.
2) They must be provided with good food and not cheap supermarket brands such as Friskies,Whiskas or Fancy Feast,etc. These have high sodium content and may,eventually cause Kidney disease.
3) The home windows and doors which may provide an escape route for the cats must be grilled,preferably 1 and a 1/2 inches or self-meshed to provide a safe and secure environment for the cats.
4) Potential adopters must be financially secure to be able to provide decent medical care for the cats whenever it is needed.
5) Potential adopters are agreeable to a house check by the fosterer,prior to adoption.Also they must be agreeable to allow the fosterer to visit their home to check on the cat’s welfare,whenever is convenient.A phone call appointment will be made prior to visit.

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