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Age 3 year(s) 5 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Others
Current Fosterer TLC
Contact Number 92334743

Sylvester was found abandoned at the east coast lagoon food centre one rainy day. He was initially very cautious and afraid due to the bad experience. After some period of time, he began to open up and revealed his wonderful nature.

Sylvester is a gentle giant, composed and loving. He is friendly and very good natured. He is about 4 years old, healthy, vaccinated, dewormed and toilet trained. He is currently being fostered and hope to find him a loving permanent home.

We are looking for suitable permanent adopter for Sylvester. We hope the adopter can adhere to the following requirements as set out by CWS:

1. The Adopter agrees that cat will be kept as a home companion and will share Adopter’s home being given the same considerations, as would a human family member for the duration of the said cat’s life which may range from 15 to 20 years.

2. As such, the cat is to live in the same private residence as the Adopter and other companion animals.

3. To provide the cat with sufficient quantities of nutritious food and fresh water each day.

4. The Adopter ensures that he/she has the financial resources to pay for the cat-food, litter, medical fees and incidentals before adopting the cat.

5. It is expressly understood that the Fosterer does not offer any warranty as to the physical condition, health or temperament of the cat and it is the Adopter’s responsibility to take the cat to a qualified veterinarian for a checkup.

6. The Adopter accepts this cat as is with all defects, either observable or unobservable, and assumes all risk and responsibility for the cat from the date of signing of this contract.

7. Never to strike or in any way harm the cat.

8. Never to allow the cat to undergo any cosmetic procedures, surgical or non-surgical, such as declawing or extraction of teeth, unless for medical reasons at the advice of a veterinarian.

9. Spaying or neutering is required by six months of age or sooner if the cat is in heat.

10. To keep the cat indoors at all times and that provision is made to prevent the cat from falling off high-rise building, such as meshing all windows.

11. Not to let the cat outdoors unless leashed and accompanied by the Adopter.

12. The Adopter agrees not to sell, breed, give away, or dispose of the cat in any other manner (except euthanasia for medical reasons at the advice of a veterinarian) without prior consent in writing from the Fosterer.

13. To provide veterinary care upon sickness, disease or injury.

14. The Adopter agrees that the cat will be confined in the house when there is no one at home, except for prolonged absences such as vacations when secure and proper care will be arranged for the cat.

15. To give the Fosterer visitation rights to ensure that the terms of this adoption agreement are being observed.

16. If the Adopter is moving overseas, the Adopter agrees to take the cat along in accordance with the relevant state laws.

17. If the cat must be relinquished for any reason by the Adopter, it is the Adopter’s responsibility to find and offer a Replacement Adopter to the Foster.

18. The Adopter must seek the Fosterer’s consent to transfer responsibility for the cat to the Replacement Adopter. The Fosterer reserves the sole right to interview, approve or reject the Replacement Adopter.

19. The Adopter understands that it is illegal, by Singapore law, to abandon the cat and that he/she may be criminally prosecuted for such act.

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