What We Do

Imagine a future where cats continue to live in fear and suffering, every step unsure, every breath borrowed. We don’t want to and we don’t have to.

Breaking New Ground

Over the years, we have introduced a range of community programmes that encourage responsible cat ownership and promote sterilisation over destruction.

These programmes have won the support of Minister K. Shanmugam, as well as Government bodies who have partnered us to help extend their reach and impact.

Some of these programmes are:

  • Love Cats Cat Ownership Pilot (with MND, Nee Soon Town Council, AVA and HDB)
  • Community Outreach to help Disadvantaged Families with Cats (with grassroot groups)
  • Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (with AVA and Town Councils)
  • Community Mediation (with AVA, HDB and Town Councils)
  • Responsible Feeding Programme (with NParks)

The benefits of these programmes to the community are not confined to cats, but its impact on people.

Animal welfare isn’t just about helping animals, it is also about rebuilding human lives to do right by the animals. Through our work, we make critical human connections every day and we often identify needy families that may have fallen through the cracks and desperately need help.


A Self-Help Network

Cat Welfare Society also functions as a self-help network of dedicated volunteers, caregivers and fosterers who actively sterilise, rehome and rehabilitate thousands of cats in Singapore every year.

Through our active campaigning, we have given these cats a second chance and we hope to continue fostering a culture where cats are cared for responsibly as pets and treated with kindness as community cats.