Dangerously on the Ledge

You’ve probably heard the saying “cats always land on their feet” and it is true to a certain extent that our feline friends do have pretty extraordinary gravity-defying abilities. But, as this video shows, they don’t always safely nail their landings.

We laugh at all these hilarious fail cat fall videos but they should also drive home a sombre reminder – cats do not always land on their feet.

While cats, likes dogs, do possess better vision than humans, their depth perception is not as great as we think. And, while they certainly are smart creatures, it is believed that comparatively, they have the mental capacity of a human toddler.

We’ve had many people telling us, “Oh I don’t need to mesh my window. My cat is smart, he knows he’s not supposed to jump out of the window.” or “He won’t jump out of the window, I know my cat.”

The thing is, why would you take that chance? No one in their right mind would leave a toddler unattended at home with the windows wide open. Toddlers know no danger. They run everywhere, and climb everything that they possibly can, without thought of how they might actually get down later. Cats, pretty much do the same thing. They’re naturally curious creatures that love chasing things and watching moving objects. And they love climbing. All these inherent characteristics combine to mean that a chirping bird outside on the ledge could be all it takes to catch a cat’s attention and for the chase instinct to take over.

Cat Welfare Society frequently receives feedback about cats stuck on high ledges or worse, falling from height. Not all survive. We share a recent example given by our mediator, Michelle Siau, about a pet cat sitting dangerously on the ledge of its owner’s balcony, located on the 5th floor. In cases like this, we typically speak with the owners to educate and advise them. If necessary, we call in the relevant authorities to enforce this, especially if we assess that the welfare of the cat is at risk.

In conclusion, by keeping your cat strictly indoors, there is no danger of it:

1. wandering out and getting injured (either from human abuse or fights with other cats)
2. wandering and making a nuisance of itself (either by defecating along corridors, or entering neighbour’s houses)
3. getting lost
4. getting stolen
5. falling from height

Be a responsible and considerate cat owner. If you really love your cat, keep it safe by taking the necessary steps to keep it indoors. There are many affordable meshing and grilling options available on the market now.

Refer to https://www.catwelfare.org/meshing/ for a description of some of the many options available.

Be safe, not sorry.

Cat Welfare Society

At Cat Welfare Society we believe every cat should live a life free from fear and suffering. This is why we exist, to help those who can't help themselves.


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