Foster a cat

CWS does not run a shelter. So how do we keep up with the hundreds of cases that crop up each year.

The answer is simple. We help build, educate and support a network of fosters who help the rescuers and our staff with cases in which cats need to be fostered. This usually happens for the cats that are particularly vulnerable due to age or health.

This network of fosters use our adoption board ( and our adoption drives along with other social media platforms to rehome their rescues. Fosters are pivotal in assisting with the welfare of rescued cats.

They make a difference everyday. So can you.

Join our foster network by signing up below and a foster co-ordinator will be in touch with you.

Fosterer Registry

Join our foster database when you’re ready to commit to fostering. CWS’s foster co-ordinators will be in touch and will do their best to find you an appropriate fit.

*Please note that the decision to allow a person to foster a rescue lies entirely with the cat’s rescuer in the same way that a person’s decision to foster a rescue lies entirely with that foster. CWS does not compel any person to foster or place a cat. Please also note that CWS does not sponsor the cost of food, litter, medical bills or any other expenses. These are arrangements to be made directly between the rescuer and the foster.

Please note that the details provided in signing up as a foster will be used by CWS’s staff or volunteers in the performance of their job functions.

Want to adopt instead and change a cat's life forever?

Our adoption guidelines can help you get ready for your new cat. It’s accumulation of best practices can ensure you have a smooth transition to a full-fleged cat parent.

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