Where I know I must be

My name is Gary.  I was adopted by my mummy 9 years ago with 3 other kitty friends.  My family dotes on all of us very much.  When mama got us, she meshed up all the windows and even the gates in the house because she wanted to keep us safe at home.  Not one of us has gone out of the house on our own before.

We pee and poo in a litter tray that mama clears without fail every day. Everyone in our house helps to keep things spick and span.  Mama says it is a good thing she sterilised all of us early on because we hardly make a sound and get along very well with one another.  Our favourite hobbies are eating and sleeping.

However, a new neighbour who does not like cats moved in recently and complained to the authorities about us, wanting us removed permanently. My family has lived in the same house for 14 years and I have lived with them for 9 of those years.  I cannot imagine life anywhere else.  I cannot imagine life without mama.

Thankfully, all of our neighbours are very supportive. CWS has also been called in to help us fight for a chance to stay.  The whole family, especially mama has been very stressed and upset.  She cannot bear to lose us, she says.  We are all hopeful, because our family has always been responsible cat owners.

80% of Singapore’s population stays in HDB.  Of that percentage, a significant number of flat owners are also pet cat owners.  Because of the HDB ban on keeping cats in flat, many live on tenterhooks for fear that the authorities may one day find out about their pet cats and demand adherence by removal.

If you are a cat owner and you are dealing with unjust complaints from your neighbours, the best way to save us, your cats is to prove that you are a responsible cat owner.  If your cats are not causing any disturbance to others, chances of your neighbours (like ours) supporting you are high when situations like this occur.

Thanks to the work of CWS mediators, many pet cats like me have been saved from the gallows. Please support their work and donate to their Mediation Matters fundraiser by clicking the link below.


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At Cat Welfare Society we believe every cat should live a life free from fear and suffering. This is why we exist, to help those who can't help themselves.


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