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We have published a related post on this not very long ago but it bears repeating because it makes up a big part of the complaints that CWS as well as the authorities receive on a daily basis and it is a situation our mediators face over and over again.

Did you know that keeping and feeding a cat outside your unit constitutes as irresponsible ownership and that it is an inconsiderate act that severely inconveniences your neighbours?

This poor tabby cat is not allowed into the house, although it is fed daily by his part-time owner. Every day, the cat pees and poos along the corridor outside the neighbours’ houses and several complaints have been made to the authorities. Note that this is by no means the cat’s fault because it does not know that what it is doing is not right.

Often the people who complain about the cats mean no harm to the cats. They are angry (who wouldn’t be?) and all they want is for the problem to be resolved quickly. They do not know how else to deal with the situation and their frustration and irritation is perfectly understandable.

If CWS does not step in to advise humane ways to deter cat defecation along corridors, this cat and similarly many other cats would likely be removed by pest control companies engaged by authorities. Their fates, almost irrevocably sealed.

DID YOU KNOW: CWS fights for the rights of the community and pet cats to co-exist and live alongside humans. We share the same space and cats (as well as other animals) have as much right to live in it as we do. This is why we continue to push for education and humane methods to resolve complaints between neighbours.

We cannot afford to lose this battle as the outcome could lead to the disappearance of our community cats altogether from our neighbourhoods.

Help us continue in our mediation efforts that work towards helping feline and man live in peace with one another. Please make a generous donation to our Mediation Matters fundraising campaign to help the cats in our community live a life where they are treated with kindness and due respect.

To support our cause, you may donate via this link>>> https://catwelfaresociety.give.asia/charity/catwelfaresociety

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