Singapore’s Community Cats

Animal Rescue Guide, February 2017
Susan Roberts

With a population density of nearly 8000 people per square kilometer in Singapore (compared with around 350 in Japan), there doesn’t seem to be enough space for people, let alone pets. Any stroll through the orderly and beautiful suburbs will tell you that’s really not the case. High rise apartments make for comfortable living in less space on the ground, leaving plenty left over for lush green areas and wide sidewalks down which people can always be seen walking dogs. A closer look behind some of the lovely flowering bushes, can be even more revealing. As elsewhere in the world, pet guardianship has unfortunately led to a population of homeless cats (and a smaller number of dogs), along with their unwanted offspring trying to survive on the Singapore streets. The good news is that there seems to be a continued increase in the number of people receptive to humane strategies, which along with a dedicated army of volunteers, has in turn brought about positive change.

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