The Unsterilised Pet Cat

CWS is in contact with a network of community caregivers in various neighbourhoods around Singapore. Caregivers play a key role in being our eyes and ears on the ground, and they often help alert CWS to cases.

For instance, a group of caregivers in Chai Chee informed us that a pregnant cat had recently given birth in the bushes. This particular cat was an unsterilised pet cat that had apparently given birth a few times before and it seems she was recently abandoned, pregnant again with yet another litter of kittens. Unfortunately, the family that is suspected of abandoning her could not be prosecuted due to a lack of evidence. In the end, all that could be done was for the authorities to speak with the family and issue a warning. A mere slap on the wrist.

Heavily pregnant and with no home to return to, mummy cat gave birth in the bushes during the recent rainy spell, and in order to protect her kittens from the rain, she had been transferring them, one by one, up and down the drain to keep them safe. The caregivers in Chai Chee who knew about the mummy cat’s plight were concerned about the welfare of both mum and kittens, and they leapt into action.

They had the cat family trapped and moved to a boarding facility, and we are happy to report that mummy and kittens are doing well and will be put up for adoption soon at the end of June when the kittens are weaned! At the request of the caregivers, the family of 4 will have to be adopted in pairs. If you are keen to give them a warm, loving and safe home, please write in to

This case has a happy ending because the caregivers banded together and paid out of their own pockets for a temporary boarding facility for mummy cat and her 3 kittens. Our tireless and unsung cat heroes indeed! But there are many such situations where caregivers are faced with cases like these, and it is impossible to for caregivers to help every cat due to their limited time and resources.

If you spot unsterilised community cats in your neighbourhood, do start a Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage exercise (TNRM) if you are able to. CWS can assist you with two programmes – our Stray Cat Sterilization Programme which provides free sterilisation for community strays, and our Low Cost Pet Cat Sterilisation Scheme for families in need who need financial help to sterilise their pet cats. Details of both these programmes can be found at the following link –

Our work in sterilisation has never stopped and will never stop, but we can only continue to operate with your help. You can help prevent another mama cat from being pregnant and alone, simply by making a kind contribution towards sterilisation. Sterilisation saves lives – and you can help us in #savingliveseveryday too.

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At Cat Welfare Society we believe every cat should live a life free from fear and suffering. This is why we exist, to help those who can't help themselves.


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