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Adorable and Affectionate Junior

Age 3 year(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Unknown
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Tabby
Current Fosterer Angie
Contact Number 82646557

Adoption Notice ⁣🏡🐈

About Junior
Junior is finally ready for her forever home! She’s very food driven and a curious explorer (house must be catproofed). She is very affectionate with human and is suitable for first-time cat owner as she’s very easy to handle. However, she need to take time to warm up in a new environment.  

  1. Medical background:
    • Estimated.  3 year old
    • Fully vaccinated
    • Sterilised and microchipped
    • Dewormed and deflea
    • Basic vet check, FELV-/FIV-

Adopters’ Requirements:
• Min. 21 years old⁣⁣
• Gate and windows must be fully meshed (no gaps allowed e.g. half meshed gate will be rejected)
• Vet care when necessary ⁣⁣and annual health check
• Quality food ⁣and playtime ⁣⁣(strictly no Whiskas, Friskies, or other supermarket brands)

Their new pawrent should also provide lots of love, attention and quality playtime. Playtime helps human to bond quickly with their cats. We can provide advice on meshing if you are unsure. They should be fed quality food and go for an annual vet check as a good practice.

If you are keen to adopt Junior, please message us to chat and find out more. Basic screening is mandatory for all adopters, we will require you to fill up questionnaire and arrange a video call to meet the cat to ensure that it is a good fit.

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