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Affectionate Black Kitty!

Age 3 year(s)
Looking for Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer chocozcat
Contact Number 96521357

Searching for a fosterer/adopter for an adorable (but stressed-out) black cat that is getting into fights/getting bullied (not suited for a life on the streets as a community cat).


* 98% black, 2% random white/grey furs

* Roughly 3 years old, female, short-haired

* Expressive and vocal (lots of meows, chirps, purrs from her!)

* Likely abandoned (very friendly to humans! She has never hissed or swatted at me in a non-playful manner.)

* Docile and gentle (the vet even complimented her on how calm she was during her check-up.)

* Extremely food-motivated (this is a good way to start getting to know her!)

* Loves scritches around the head and neck area (it’s very cute when she’s enjoying it.)

* Not very street-smart… she’s likely being bullied and getting into fights with other community cats. This stresses her out, which leads to over-grooming and some baldness.


* She is neutered but will need to be vaccinated and her health status checked when fostered/adopted

* To be a solely indoor cat or the only cat or only pet in the household (she may get frightened/continue to overgroom from stress)

* Allow me to check your home and make sure it is cat-safe. (I will be using Cat Welfare Society’s adoption procedures for the check)

* Allow me to do follow-ups with you and make sure she is doing okay after being fostered/adopted.

* I will help secure and bring her to your place. Other ways I am willing to contribute can be discussed later.

* For her to go to a loving home (because I would adopt her if I could.)

Feel free to message me (WA: 96521357) with any questions/concerns.

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