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Agent Kole Blue

Age 5 year(s)
Looking for Adopt or Foster
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Others
Current Fosterer Jelo2012
Contact Number 96890460

March 2019
Kole Blue
Est. 8year plus

i have been seeing Kole in the neighbourhood for the one year plus and he never stop to say hello or to taste the food i put out. He would always hurried away when i stop to say hi and he would disappear around the corner. It was by chance when i started feeding Timus that I know when he has been chilling. He started to take an interest in us and we began feeding him. He is a chill fellow and seem to be observing mode. He has to be sure we are safe people before he started to get friendly with us. Another couple who started to see him got cosy with him soon and he even allowed them to hug him 🙂 If you are ready for an adventurous life journey with a feline buddy, PM me to book a date with him.

CWS adoption guidelines apply –
1) The cat must be kept strictly indoors. If the window and gate grilles are large enough to allow the cat to pass through, they must be meshed.
2)adoption fee of $120 apply
3) The adopter must be aware that they are to provide good quality food and take the cat for regular vet visits.
4) Please be aware that a cat is a lifetime commitment and adopter must provide it with a lifetime of love and care.
5) A house visit will be conducted. Adopter shld get consensus from other family members. Adopter is required to sign an adoption contract so you are aware of your continuing obligations.

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