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XOXO and Harper

Age 7 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer Thenuga
Contact Number 91070185

Xoxo and Harper are two rescued kittens from different places. Xoxo is a ginger female with a kink in her tail. Harper is her super protective sister from another mother who is about 2-3 weeks older and is an adorable black kitten with a medium length tail. Harper took to Xoxo immediately upon introduction and is really very protective of her. She keeps a lookout for her and play with one another. If Xoxo isn’t feeling well, Harper goes to look for her.

Xoxo is very affectionate and wants to jump on your lap when you are peeing (she has no boundaries). She is a tiny cat with tiny paws and a tiny head. She’s very affectionate and loving.

Harper is more independent. She’s a hiss first, love you later kindda lady. Once she gets used to you she will sleep on your bed and wants to be patted to sleep. Please note that it will take a patient and nurturing person to get Harper comfy.

Xoxo can go to a home with no cats but Harper must go to a home with other cats if she isn’t adopted with Xoxo.

Adoption criteria:

  1. The house must be meshed up and kittens kept strictly indoors
  2. They have both been sterilised.
  3. Good quality food and regular vet care must be provided.
  4. Adoption house visit, contract and fee apply.

Please sms or whatsapp 91070185 if keen

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