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Age 6 year(s)
Looking for Adopt or Foster
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color White
Current Fosterer VanessaVands
Contact Number 90210028

Charlie was a wild child, he strayed and evaded all feeders for 5 years until I met him. Charlie opened up to me upon our first chance meeting and even let me pinch his precious little man cheeks. I believe he was asking for help and finally ready to settle down. (You can access his past posts and records on Instagram via hashtag #猫咪Charlie )

Fast forward to today and Charlie is sterilised and revo-ed regularly. He is unfortunately tested to be FIV positive. FIV is not transmittable to humans, cats do not pass it on via food sharing or grooming and it is most definitely not a death sentence. Charlie will live for at least a good 10 more years under proper care. 

Charlie is happy as a community cat but stray dogs run through his estate intermittently. He’s also occasionally locked up by a resident in the washroom and/or balcony against his own will. I believe Charlie deserves much better than his current circumstances after being forced to live it out on the streets and fight for territory 6 years ago. 

Given his FIV status, he’s best suited to be in a single-cat household OR a household with existing FIV positive cat OR a household with existing non-aggressive FIV negative cat. 

Please contact Gwen at 9021-0028 if you think you’re the one for Charlie, to give him a safe haven for the next decade of his life!

CWS Adoption Guidelines apply.

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