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[ADOPTED] Cutie Kombu for adoption! Our Singapore Special Longkang Cross!

Age 6 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Tabby
Current Fosterer stardustfam
Contact Number 92965923

Kombu (named after a type of seaweed) is an extra cute 4 month old male kitten looking for a home of his own. This cutie was found in the drains of a carpark in Bedok in early Jun and was quite the sprinter that it took a couple of attempts before we could rescue him. He is now safely indoors awaiting a forever home.

Kombu is a brown tabby with big eyes and big ears. If we were to name his exact breed, I’d say he’s a Singapore Special Longkang Cross (he ran across several drains when we were trying to rescue him you see…). He has lots of energy for play, but he also enjoys sitting on his fosterer’s lap and kneading. Kombu is vaccinated, dewormed and fiv/felv negative. He uses the litterbox and eats both wet & dry food.

Based on our observation, Kombu would do best in a home with another playful cat/kitten or a home with Hoomans that have energy to engage him in play daily. For homes with existing cats, a home trial would be arranged to ensure successful integration.

To adopt #KombuSeaweedKit, please contact @stardustfam on IG or send a SMS/Whatsapp (no calls pls!) to +65 92965923.

Please refer to the adoption requirements before contacting us:
1. Primary caregiver/adopter must be a working adult as having a cat is a lifetime commitment (15-20 years) with financial responsibilities.
2. Meshing/Netting or installing small grilles (2-inch gap) is a must for windows/gates to prevent the cat from escaping or falling from height.
3. Cat must be sterilised by 6 months of age (or earlier if he goes into heat). Failure to comply will result in the cat being taken away.
4. Cat must be kept indoors only and not in a cage. Please ensure precautions are taken if bringing the cat out for walks etc. (leash and harness please!).
5. Cat is to be given necessary vet care as and when needed (vaccinations, check-ups etc.)
6. Cat must be given good quality cat food.
7. To allow a pre-adoption home visit and occasional visits by fosterer/rescuer (by appointment only)
8. To sign the adoption contract and pay a small adoption fee to offset part of the vet costs incurred. Vet bills and documentation will be handed over upon signing of the adoption contract.

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