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Age 1 year(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Others
Current Fosterer A Tail Or Two
Contact Number 92953944

Dawbee is one of our quirkiest rescues to date! Sometimes we wish this 1 year old will be less socially awkward and here’re some of his funny antics, just to name a few.
Hair stylist Dawbee will re-style the boarding lady’s hair from a bun/ ponytail to a bedhead every morning while she’s cleaning out cat litter.
Sociable neighbour Dawbee will go to every cage once he’s allowed out and greet each of his fellow cat boarders with a paw shake.
Hide & sneak Dawbee prefers to sneak up behind humans and cats, instead of walking over from the front. In return, he’ll get slaps from fellow cats and cuddles/ pats from humans.
Lappie Dawbee is a lap cat when he’s calm and exhausted from all the playtime.

Behind this fun-loving nature, no one would have guessed that Dawbee had a traumatic encounter at a tender age of 5 months old. He was found with a skin tear at his bottom area, causing his skin to detach from his testicles and tailbone. The wound was so bad that his rescuer wanted to put him down due to lack of monetary resources and poor prognosis but we thought to do more for such a jolly furkid so we took him over. He was put through several surgeries and long-term hospitalisation as he couldn’t poop and pee on his own till weeks into his recovery.

Dawbee is currently at a trusted commercial boarder who had helped him recover completely. Now, this funny kilter kid is all ready for a forever home. He’s friendly and simply adores other cats and humans.

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