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Age 7 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Semi Long Hair
Primary Color Ginger
Current Fosterer VanessaVands
Contact Number 98814515

Deena is a 7-months-old special needs cat who’s looking for a forever home.

Deena fell (or was thrown, we don’t know) from the fifth storey and broke her spine, causing her to become paralyzed. Now she is recuperating in foster care and overcoming her ordeal. Though she is incapable of jumping or climbing, Deena has become surprisingly quick! She’s very good at running away/hiding from you in a flash, especially when she knows you’re going to express her (to help her pee and poo). Other than that, Deena actually loves to be pet and loves to hear you talking to her. She will happily sleep under your bed and near to you. This beautiful girl is adorable and unique in her own special way, and we hope she can find a patient and experienced adopter who can give her the loving home and second chance she deserves.

A bit more about Deena:

~ Able to poop on her own now
~ Need to expressed pee bladder 3-4times daily
~ To wash or wipe her butt and paws with wet wipes daily for hygiene purpose as she unable to clean herself.
~ Small intake of food and free flow of kibbles is a MUST
~ Home physiotherapy is beneficial, such as leg exercise and massage daily
~ Her long fur must be brushed daily
~ She is currently using a pee pad whenever she’s in cage & a diaper when she’s roaming around the house (or else she might leave a trail of poo somewhere)


~ Adopter must keep close contact with Rescuer for monthly progress & updates until Deena is medically certified fit and healthy.
~ Adopter details & information is required by the vet clinic.
~ CWS adoption guidelines apply.


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