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Dusky – Lil Wakanda Sister

Age 7 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer jennchih
Contact Number 91461839

My Past
I was abandoned.
I used to have a home, a human family who said they loved me and would cuddle with me non-stop every day. I loved my family so much. I was so happy.

One day, the human put me in a carrier and took me out of the place I once called home. I was then let out of the carrier in a strange place. The human placed some food on the floor, pet me on the head and then walked away with the carrier. Looking around, I felt so scared and confused. I started to cry loudly but the human just walked on. I never see him again.

Living in an unfamiliar place was tough. I didn’t know when my next meal was and the only time I ate was when someone kind passed me by and offered me food. I hid under cars and cried everyday, alone and scared. The community cats were bullying me, and I would go hungry as I did not dare to come out of my hiding place to eat. I was so hungry that I would eat the grass.

Second Chance in Life
One day two kind ladies saw me eating grass and came to pet me. Oh how I miss human touch 😻 I immediately purred loudly and rubbed my cheeks all over them which made them laugh. They talked to one aunty nearby and realised I was abandoned and had not been adapting well to outdoor life. They told me they will find me a home sweet home. They said I deserve one as I am so Docile and Loving. Next thing I knew, they rescued me and placed me in boarding.

I now live happily in a safe place but my only wish is to find my forever human family ❤ Someone to share my love with and cuddle me till the end. Will you be mine? Please contact Jenny at 91461839 to visit and adopt me. I get along well with other cats at boarding 😺 I have been sterilised, microchipped, vaccinated, deflead and fiv/felv tested negative. Cat Welfare Adoption guidelines apply.

Sweet words from an adopter who adopts 4 black cats 😺
“Many people are averse to black cats. Some think they are associated with bad luck. Others think black animals are fierce. And some just find the colour unpleasant. I once had that mentality when I was about to adopt my first cat (she’s black) and thankfully I went through with it. Because I found out that black cats are super sweet! It’s almost like they are compensating, knowing that people don’t really like them. So they’re extra manja, communicative and sweet. After my first blackie, I adopted 1 more and then another. And another. Now I have 4 black cats, who live happily with my older dog. And everyone is happy!”

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