All Profiles >> Elly (F) and Gabie (M) – Looking for home since 2019!!

Elly (F) and Gabie (M) – Looking for home since 2019!!

Age 1 year(s) 5 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Unknown
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Tabby
Current Fosterer Angie
Contact Number 82646557

[Adoption Notice] Elly and Gabie are up for adoption!

This pair of loving young cats are rescued from two different cases, however, they managed to bond with each other while being sheltered at their fosterer’s place! We hope that they can go to a new home together to keep each other accompany while their pawrents are away at work.

About Elly (Tuxedo Girl, 2 years, Sterilised + Microchipped, Vaccinated)

She is rescued back in December 2019 in a condominium along with her brothers (#kovanblackkitties). They were spotted running about in the rain by a resident. She warms up slowly to human. Adopters need lots of patience to bond with her, once she warms up to you, she will lie in your lap and purr. She is play-motivated and loves feather wands.

About Gabie (Tabby Boy, 2 years, Sterilised, Vaccinated) 

He is suspected to be an abandoned house cat. He was spotted loitering around staircase area by a resident and almost fell off the ledge of HDB block at level 12. After much struggling, he was safely rescued by a professional trapper and sterilised. He is a very sweet boy that is playful, likes dashing up cat trees, chasing feathers and will demand some attention from you. As he is very playful, it is good to have another cat to accompany him so that he can expend his energy while you are away at work!

The new pawrents should also provide lots of love, attention and quality playtime to expend their energy. Playtime helps human to bond quickly with their cats too. Their new home MUST BE fully-meshed OR catproofed (cat-friendly window grilles and gate). We can provide advice on meshing if you are unsure. They should be fed quality food and go for an annual vet check as a good practice.

If you are keen to adopt, please drop us a message to ask more about the adoption.

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