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Fiona, Donkey and Gingy

Age 2 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Unknown
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color White
Current Fosterer Thenuga
Contact Number 91070185

Three little ‘uns named after characters from Shrek on account of their ridiculous personalities

Fiona is a giant belly with a sweet face. She has an incredible appetite and loves people.

Donkey is a ridiculous little child who pounces everywhere. He loves meowing at you and is next in the appetite department.

Gingy is a dramatic little child who will play everywhere and loves cuddles. He’s the most conscious of his waist line.

All three are looking for homes together or individually. The following adoption criteria applies:

  1. The house must be meshed up and kittens kept strictly indoors.
  2. They must be sterilised when they are 6 months old.
  3. Good quality food and regular vet care must be provided.
  4. Adoption house visit, contract and fee apply.

Please sms / whatsapp 91070185 if you are keen.

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