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Frenchie – the super huggable doglike cat

Age 4 year(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Others
Current Fosterer purelymeowdayne
Contact Number 94528868

WARNING!!!! The photos dont do justice to Frenchie!!!! But he is an absolute huggable cat!

Frenchie the cat was roaming the estate of Tampines until he was rescued by a feeder in that area. He was suspected to be abandoned as he was super friendly with humans but as he was not sterilized at that time, he got into constant fights with other community cats in that area very frequently. Even though he is a huge boy, he does not know how to protect himself and he does not know his boundary well, so he was constantly chased or bullied by other community cats.

One may be surprised and assume that he will be the bully, but dont let his appearance fooled you though. Frenchie is a love bug. He loves human and will just roll on the floor just like a dog and ask for petting. He is non demanding doglike cat…and with a frenchie dog size to fit the bill too.

However, the down side to his cuteness is the fact that he is FIV positive. His immune will be lower than normal cats and will take a longer to heal even from a normal cat flu. So potential adopters need to give him supplement to boost his immune system up. Do note that FIV positive is not a death sentence. FIV is not easily transmitted unless there are fighting involved. FIV does not transmitted cross species and it is not transmitted even if food are shared with a non-FIV positive cat.

Frenchie deserves a home and if you can commit to the following adoption requirements, please contact Dayne:
1. Primary caregiver/adopter must be a working adult as keeping a cat is a lifetime commitment with financial responsibilities.
2. Cat must be kept INDOORS only.
3. Meshing and/or installing appropriate grilles is a must for windows/gates.
4. Cat must be fed good quality wet & dry food.
5. Cat must be given the necessary vet care as and when needed (eg annual vaccination & check-ups).
6. Adoption fee & signing of adoption contract applies.
7. Allowing a pre-adoption home visit and periodic home visits by fosterer when the cat is adopted.

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