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JASPER – *on home trial*

Age 6 year(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Pedigree/Cross
Primary Color Others
Current Fosterer Jeanette
Contact Number 96960535

Hi, I am Jasper, an impurrfect cat. Why am I impurrfect? It’s because I only have an eye and my nails are not properly formed. I am far from the purrfect looking Burmese cat that you see in pet shops. But, I do deserve a good home too.

I was abandoned in a park one night a few years ago and my fosterer took some time to rehabilitate me to trust and be comfortable with humans again. My fosterer thought I was ready to be rehomed and brought me for home viewing to interact with the potential adopter. But I wasn’t ready at that time and I freaked out and ‘crashed’ myself against the glass doors in the house, trying to escape. My fosterer said it was a heartbreaking moment.

Years passed and my fosterer did not give up and continued to rehabilitate me. I am a lot calmer now and I am ready to be rehomed again. All I need is a family with no other pets at home, who is willing to give me time, patience and love to let me integrate with the family and live the rest of my life with them.

Name: Jasper
Gender: Male
Age: Estimated at 6 years old
Sterilised, vaccinated
FIV and FeLV negative
Litter box trained (using soy cat litter)
Loves kibbles and wet food
Good temperament
Easy on grooming (shower, clean ears, nail clipping)
Not cuddly type but loves to be stroked

Upon rescue, Jasper was already found with just one eye. He was vet checked and the missing eye is of no concern. There is no discharge and was advised to leave it alone. If you can look beyond his imperfection and would like to give him a home, please WA me.

CWS adoption guidelines will apply:

* Cat proofed home. Meshing of all windows, gate and balcony. Grilles no wider than 2-inches are acceptable

* He is to be kept strictly indoors. No caging

* Good quality wet and dry food

* To be brought to the vet when necessary

* A house assessment is mandatory pre-adoption and regular updates post-adoption

* An adoption contract is to be signed with an adoption fee of $150

* The adopter has to be financially independent to care for him for the next 10-15 years

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