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June Tortie Girl

Age 1 year(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Calico/Tortie
Current Fosterer kartika9
Contact Number 94560654


Hi, this is Jack’s speaking. June was found in neighbourhood where I live with my brofur Meowth. I was the one making mii aware about June because there were few war cry from ground floor. Yep, June was chased by the resident cats.

She was always hiding so well in the drain or in the temporary shed where construction material was kept. I think she must be hungry so she walked to other cats territory to find food.

Then mii started to look for June because worry of her being captured if there is anyone making complaint about her because at first mii wasn’t sure if June had been neutered. It took few weeks for June to start coming out more regularly. Luckily, her ear is tipped. So, someone must have been doing TNR and decided to drop June there.

One day, one of the renovation staff spotted mii squatting near the shed and asking why.. But it helped mii to connect to another staff who had been leaving some dry food for her, and told mii that sometimes June slept inside the workers quarter. However, they are packing up and by August they will be gone, and June won’t have any place to hide.

So, mii discussed with her and regular feeder in the area, who wasn’t aware at all about June’s presence, about possibility of rehoming her. And the journey to find June a home begins.

Now, June is at boarding place. And transitioning to raw food well.

  • Tortoise shell, female
  • ~3kg
  • Neutered 
  • Vet estimated 1-1.5yo
  • FIV/FeLV negative 
  • Dewormed
  • Vaccinated (will take booster in July)
  • Revo-ed 
  • No fleas/ticks
  • She will be quiet, purr, sleep and enjoy your company when you’re nearby
  • She’s quite independent whether with hooman or other cats
  • She can play by herself
  • She enjoy sightseeing in a capsule bag.

Check story highlight “JuneTortieGirl” for her history from IG @jackandmeowth or this hashtag in IG #FindingJuneAHome.

If you think you can commit to caring for the June in a safe and loving environment throughout their lifetime, please send a text message/WhatsApp to +65 9456 0654.

Please consider to give her loving home, if you’re interested, please drop mii a DM or contact her mobile. Or fill up this form (

CWS guideline applies.

Please read the following adoption requirements before making contact:

  1. Primary caregiver/adopter must be a working adult as keeping cats is a lifetime commitment with financial responsibilities.
  2. June must be kept strictly INDOORS only. Or if it’s going out, must be on leash.
  3. Meshing and/or installing of appropriate grilles is a MUST for windows and/or gates.
  4. June will go to a home that will continue to keep her on a fresh, raw diet. No prior experience to raw feeding is required, you will be guided through the entire process, all they need is a human willing to feed them the best possible food.
  5. June must be given the necessary vet care as and when needed (eg. annual vaccinations & check-ups).
  6. Token adoption fee & signing of adoption contract applies. Vet receipts will be provided.
  7. Allowing a pre-adoption home visit and periodic home visits by fosterers after the June is adopted.

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