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Jupiter the Mummy Meow

Age Unknown
Looking for Adopt
Gender Unknown
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer Hopeandmeows

    Name: Jupiter
    Age: 2yo
    Gender: Female
    Vaccination: Pending for future adopter to do
    Sterilisation: Pending
    Personality: Talkative and sweet, loves to meowmeow alot. Brave little soldier recovering from pawpaw injury.

Background info:
Remember the 4 kittens and 1 daddy cat that was found in the abandoned school in tampines from 15May?

It was impossible to get the mummy cat out as no access to the school 🙁
Finally after months, the mummy cat came out but it was a plea for help as she had chemical burns on her paws 😭😭 She was only 2.3kg, super thin n skinny 🙁

The rescuer and fosterer took her to the vets for her pawpaw. After 2weeks, her paw has recovered and she has gained 900grams!! So thankful to the fosterer for making a recovery as such possible!

Do take note that there are requirements for the adoption process
1. Adopter/Fosterer must be willing to bear cost for vet trips.
2. Adopter/Fosterer must be willing to keep in contact with current owner
3. $100 adoption fee to bear for health check up and food cost during fostering
4. Bring kitten for sterilisation upon the age of 6 months old
5. More requirements found in adoption contract which i will be sending

Cat Welfare adoption guidelines apply.
1. Compulsory house screening will be done by Hope
2. Required to sign the adoption contract
3. Windows and gate mesh
4. Keep cats strictly indoors only

Please pm me on Facebook or Whatsapp me at 82236597 if you are interested.

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