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Lily (meet her City Square drive 23 feb 11.30-3pm)

Age 3 month(s)
Looking for Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Tabby
Current Fosterer simoned
Contact Number 93649423

Lily (DOB November 2018) was born together with her sister Pip into a cat household of 4 adults. We neutered her mommy and daddy (and aunt and uncle) and are looking for homes for all of them. So if you have room for more Lily can be adopted with her sister Pip or her mommy and/or daddy (tabbys). Like all kittens Lily loves to explore and nibble your fingers. She and her sister will tap your feet when they are hungry. They loves to be petted….for a while, because there is still so much left to explore in life, like chasing lasers, hunting socks, killing straws, wrestling with your sister etc. Lily is a bit more timid than her sister.

Lily is too young still to be sterilized, but she is dewormed, vaccinated and her mommy showed her to use the litter box. Sterilization is however mandatory when she is 6 months old. Little kittens are best to be adopted in pairs or to be integrated into a cat household, to ensure proper socialization. You must be prepared to take on a responsibility for the next 15-20 years when considering adopting Lily. Students and underage no need to apply.

If you are interested in adopting Lily please consider the following
(a) House must be meshed up to ensure that she is kept strictly indoors at all times (and yes, cats can climb)
(b) She must receive regular vet care (vaccinations, general check up) throughout her life and when necessary
(c) She must be fed good quality food
(d) House visit applies, trial period is possible
(e) Adoption contract and fee apply

If you are interested in adopting Lily and can fulfill all the criteria, please Whatsapp Simone under 9364 9423 (I normally don’t pick up calls during working hours)

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