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#SPOT! Your perfect cuddle baby <3 (6 months old)

Age 6 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Semi Long Hair
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer elizacatmummy
Contact Number 92364376







This little spunk of energy was found abandoned, hiding in a drain… meowing… “are you my humannnnnn? Do you have fooooood?”


😻Health & Appearance😻


– Black, with 1 lucky charm white spot on his chest.

– Bombay Cat with gorgeous topaz/yellow eyes.

– Male, sterilised.

– Semi-long fur, domestic cat.

– Long beautiful tail.

– Approximately 6 months old.

– Litter-box trained.

– Revolution-ed (protected against fleas, ear mites, etc)


😻Temperament & Personality😻


–  #Spot is a curious little darling boy who loves exploring his indoors!

– This one is a curious climber!

– As a kitten, he loves playing with anything that moves – a feather! a ping pong ball!

– A VERY human-friendly boy, loves human headrubs and tummy rubs.

– Loves to communicate with you. Loves attention from you.

– An extremely affectionate, cuddly, snuggly babyboy <3

– Overall quiet, chilled and relaxed. Other times quite playful.


👍Perfect for👍


– Small family to provide him with cuddles and snuggles, and some essential play time to burn off his energy level.




🔎📝Adoption Terms🔎📝


– Cat-proof your home – meshing is a must. This spunky kitty is a curious climber!


– Good quality wet food for breakfast and dinner. Regular vet visits/necessary care.


– Home visit will be conducted. (Before adoption, during adoption, after adoption for followup on the pet’s progress within the first 6 months)


– CWS adoption contract agreement applies – so that you are aware of your continuing petcare obligations.


– Deposit of $60 will be REFUNDED upon successful adoption of 6 months duration.


– NOT recommended food brands. This is including (but not limited to) the following brands:

1) Friskies

2) Whiskas

3) Smartheart

4) Purina One (and its related brands)

5) Fancy Feast

6) Snappy Tom

7) Science Diet


If you are able to provide this bundle of joy #Spot with a safe loving home, please send a Whatsapp message to 92364376 OR email [email protected] to express your interest. Thank you!


Shortlisted Potential Adopters may request for a viewing of Sporty Spot 🙂


* CWS guidelines apply.



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