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Teeny Tiny Timus

Age 7 month(s)
Looking for Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Tabby
Current Fosterer Jelo2012
Contact Number 96890460

March 2019
Timus was found abandoned in November 2018 as a tiny kitten fending for herself. She was small but fast and always able to avoid feisty resident cat. It took me one month plus before she is familiar with the spot I feed her. slowly she understands the timing and location to wait for me. She would always pick this particular parking lot and laid down under the cat waiting for my hubby and I. Once she saw us, she would dash across the road with such joy that it always lightens my day a little. It was always a joy to see her. And she would walk across the car park with us to her spot. She has a funny dashing routine- zigzag, and we have to be careful not to trip over her. I love to call her “my little lion dance”.

She may not be beautiful to some, does not have a long perfect tail, a little skittish since she had to start her life early out herself. But she is manja once she warms up to you. If you are ready for an adventurous life journey with a feline buddy, PM me to book a date with her.

CWS adoption guidelines apply –
1) The cat must be kept strictly indoors. If the window and gate grilles are large enough to allow the cat to pass through, they must be meshed.
2)adoption fee of $60 apply
3) The adopter must be aware that they are to provide good quality food and take the cat for regular vet visits.
4) Please be aware that a cat is a lifetime commitment and adopter must provide it with a lifetime of love and care.
5) A house visit will be conducted. Adopter shld get consensus from other family members. Adopter is required to sign an adoption contract so you are aware of your continuing obligations.

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