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#TheCabinetKitties – Pandora the Lapcat

Age 9 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Calico/Tortie
Current Fosterer Angie
Contact Number 82646557

#TheCabinetKitties – Adoption Notice ⁣🏡🐈

About Pandora⁣
Pandora is finally ready for her forever home! She’s an absolute sweetheart! She’s active and play-motivated as she’s still a kitten, approx. 9-10 months old. She is also a certified lap cat as she will come to your lap demanding for your attention when you sit on the floor. She’s a beautiful tortoiseshell girl, however many have rejected her profile because she looks ‘black’ or ‘dark’.

To us, every cat looks beautiful no matter their breed or colour. We hope that you can look beyond the superficial and give her a chance to be part of your family. She is the perfect companion if you love to have an affectionate cat. She’s also suitable for multiple cat household, they are accustomed to having many cats around them. If you are considering on adopting a buddy for your current cat, you may give Pandora a chance.

Background Story
In Oct-Nov 2020, we managed to rescue 61 cats out from a hoarder case (#TheCabinetKitties) which was widely covered by the media. The cats lacked social interaction with human and not only that, all of them were in poor health condition. One of them unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer, while most of them had serious skin and fur problems. The oldest cat from the family is 4 years old while most of them are ranging 1-2 years old.

Six months down the road today, many of them have finally recovered from their skin and fur problem, and also successfully passed their rehabilitation. Now we are posting up their profiles here, hoping to find them a loving home, they deserve a second chance after going through so much in their earlier years.

If you have chanced upon this page, we hope you will help us share their adoption post even if you are not planning to adopt at the moment and just browsing! Every share will allow these cats to stand a chance to find their forever homes.

Medical background:
• Estimated. 9 – 10 months old
• Fully vaccinated
• Sterilised and microchipped
• Dewormed and deflea
• Basic vet check

Adopters’ Requirements:
• Min. 21 years old⁣⁣
• Gate and windows must be fully meshed
• Vet care when necessary ⁣⁣
• Quality food ⁣and playtime ⁣⁣(strictly no Whiskas, Friskies, or other supermarket brands)

Their new pawrent should also provide lots of love, attention and quality playtime. Playtime helps human to bond quickly with their cats. We can provide advice on meshing if you are unsure. They should be fed quality food and go for an annual vet check as a good practice.

If you are keen to adopt Pandora of #TheCabinetKitties, please message us to chat and find out more.

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