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Yin Yang – The perfect balance to your life!

Age 4 month(s)
Looking for Adopt
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Primary Color Black
Current Fosterer elizacatmummy
Contact Number 92364376


#Yin #Yang




#Yin and #Yang were found abandoned (together with a 3rd sibling) – at a tender age of 4-months old – afraid of the outside world and its strange noises, hiding under a railing, with no shelter, on a very sunny weekday morning.


😻Health & Appearance😻


– #Yin is female, white with blue/turquoise eyes.

– #Yang is male, black with topaz/yellow eyes.

– Brother and sister.

– Short hair, domestic cat.

– Both have long beautiful tails.

– Approximately 4-5 months old.

– Litter-box trained.

– Revolution-ed (protected against fleas, ear mites, etc)


😻Temperament & Personality😻


– #Yin is a curious little girl and loves exploring her indoors!

– #Yang is a protective brother and always closely behind her.

– Both Yin and Yang are closely bonded, from their time of abandonment, till when they are rescued, and also in fosterer’s home.

– As kittens, they are both playful with ball toys, feather toys, anything that moves!

– Overall quiet, chilled and relaxed. Other times quite playful.

– Gets along well with fosterer’s 2 resident cats and 1 dog (with proper introduction in stages/phases).


👍Perfect for👍


– working couples.

– 1st time cat pawrents. (I.e. we will guide you through the entire process and every step of the way)




🔎📝Adoption Terms🔎📝

– They have been through a long journey together. They are closely bonded. They will need to be adopted as a pair.

– Cat-proof your home; and both cats must be kept strictly indoors.

– Good quality wet food (breakfast and dinner). Regular vet visits/necessary care.

– Home visit will be conducted. (Before adoption, during adoption, after adoption for followup on the pet’s progress within the first 6 months)

– CWS adoption contract agreement applies – so that you are aware of your continuing petcare obligations.

– Deposit of $60 will be REFUNDED upon successful adoption of 6 months duration.

– NOT recommended food brands. This is including (but not limited to) the following brands:

1) Friskies

2) Whiskas

3) Smartheart

4) Purina One

5) Fancy Feast

6) Snappy Tom

7) Science Diet

If you are able to provide the 2 fur-bundles of joy #Yin #Yang with a safe loving home, please send a Whatsapp message to 92364376 OR email [email protected] to express your interest. Thank you!

Shortlisted Potential Adopters may request for a viewing of the “peaceful harmony” Duo 🙂


* CWS guidelines apply.


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