Will You Catch Me If I Fall?

*Graphic images ahead.  Viewer discretion is advised. 

Images blurred out of respect as our intent is not to shame but to educate.

Yet another life unnecessarily lost because the irresponsible owners refused to mesh their windows. AVA was called in and concluded that this was a pet cat that had fallen from height.

Based on estimates of reported cases (many go unreport, each month, an average of 5 cats are found dead in Singapore after falling from height. In an alarming 95% of the cases, cats that pass away in this manner are found to be pet cats rather than community cats.

Each day CWS mediators on the ground continue to educate irresponsible cat owners to do the right thing for their pet cats. Many stick stubbornly to their ignorant ways, saying it is cruel to keep their pet cat cooped up at home with no one around to play with it. The truth is that it is far more cruel to let your beloved cat die prematurely in such manner and agony, with no one by its side, especially when such incidents can be prevented from ever happening.


Cats are extremely curious creatures. They love to chase things as well as climb and have the incredible ability to focus their attention wholly on whatever interests them, for example a bird chirping at the window. This hunting instinct can ironically, momentarily distract their focus on their surroundings, causing them to lose their balance and fall. It only takes one moment. That one moment could be the difference between life and death.

Another point to note is that while cats can cling to the bark of trees with their claws to break their fall, in a fall from height which normally happens from window ledges or concrete surfaces, this ability is essentially useless. In addition, in such falls, cats typically land with their feet slightly spayed apart, which can result in severe head and pelvis injuries. It is foolish to believe that a cat will always land on its feet because of its righting reflex.

The best thing that you can do if you spot a cat that you suspect may have fallen from height is to send it to the vet immediately rather than calling the authorities, especially if it is still alive. The earlier it is sent for medical attention, the greater its chances of survival.

If you really love and care for your cat, mesh up. This will prevent your cat not only from falling to its death but getting lost when it roams or injured from fights with other cats.

“My cat needs to go out and socialise.” is antiquated thinking which is not feasible given our lifestyles in the concrete jungle we live in.

Help us spread the word on the importance of meshing up. Share this with anyone you know who owns a pet cat. We can prevent this. No cat should die this way.

To aid our mediators in their incessant outreach efforts around the island to educate errant cat owners, do take a moment to share this post and make a kind donation to our Mediation Matters fundraising campaign.


Mediation matters, because it saves lives.

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