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Cat Welfare Society x Petbo Fundraiser - 10% of each sale goes towards helping cats in need! 10 units, 5 of each design arriving on 20th Apr 2015. Early birds will be given priority to receive these units ahead of others. For full information, kindly visit http://nekojam.com/petbo-scratch-houses-...
18 volunteers joined us in doing door to door appeal for witnesses for the Woodlands case on 19th Apr 2015. We will be updating authorities on our findings to facilitate them when they engage the alleged suspect.  We have also made the suggestion for the large official crime alert...
5th April 1pm to 6pm  19 volunteers joined our mediators Nurul and Laura in doing a door to door appeal for witnesses, raise awareness and enlist more neighbourhood eyes and ears for the horrifying series of cat abuses at Beach Road.  Their presence will give hope to caregivers...

Latest event

Thank you for everyone that came by to meet all the cats at our adoption drive.Your visits meant a lot to them and we enjoyed hearing all the stories you shared with us and the fosterers!

See you again on 7th June - Adoption Drive at Pet Lovers Center @ VivoCity.

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