Responsible Caregiving

 Responsible caregiving is the process by which community cats are cared for in communal areas. It is focused on ensuring that the cats are fed regularly and provided with fresh water daily. It also focuses on the provision of medical attention to cats that may require it.

CWS has set out basic guidelines for responsible caregiving.


  1. Community cats should only be fed cat food.
  2. The food should be placed in containers and not directly on the ground.
  3. The food should be cleared within 2 hours of being placed out.


  1. Fresh water should be provided to cats daily.
  2. The previous day’s water should be poured out and the container wiped down to ensure no mosquito larvae stick to the sides.
  3. If possible, water bowls should be marked with when the water was last changed.

Sterilisation and other Medical attention

  1. All community cats should be sterilised. For assistance, please visit
  2. Community cats should be taken to a veterinary clinic if they show any other signs of medical distress. The SPCA operates a veterinary clinic on their premises and you should contact them if you do not know of any other vet in the vicinity.

Caregivers who do not adhere to the guidelines will be given the benefit of the doubt in the first instance and advised on the guidelines. Caregivers who continue to litter or who fail to change the water thereby leading to the breeding of mosquitos will be referred to the National Environment Agency for further action.

CWS shares these guidelines with all town councils to build their knowledge on community cat management and how they can support caregivers.

Cat Welfare Society

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