CWS advocates for responsible caregiving and responsible cat ownership in Singapore.

CWS works to ensure that community cats continue to live their life without fear of removal. To that end, CWS takes the view that community cats should be cared for in a responsible manner. They should receive adequate and appropriate food and care in the community without posing any nuisance to the other members of the community.

CWS also works to ensure that responsibly owned pet cats are not threatened with removal, nor are the responsible pet cat owners threatened by penalties and/or eviction from HDB apartments. Pet cats benefit from responsible cat ownership as owners are expected to fulfil their duty of care toward them by providing sufficient food and care, along with ensuring that no disamenities are caused by the owned cats to their neighbours.

Cat Welfare Society

At Cat Welfare Society we believe every cat should live a life free from fear and suffering. This is why we exist, to help those who can't help themselves.


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