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Community Engagmenet refers to a process by which our team of three mediators resolves cat-related feedback in respect of community cats and pet cats. We work alongside government partners to address cat-related feedback and show that one can choose the humane approach to community issues over an easy way out in the form of removal or relocation or culling.

In 2018, CWS was appointed the third party contractor to assist the AVA (now AVS under the National Parks Board) with cat-related feedback through joint visits and advisories. This appointment legitimises the importance of community engagement and mediation of positions in achieving the humane management of the cat population.

In 2020, CWS resolved a record number of 3309 cases of cat-related feedback. The sheer volume of cases put severe weight on the organisation and forced the reconsideration of the programme in 2021.

To effectively address the resource constraint on the organisation without compromising the importance of humane resolution, CWS has re-structured the feedback resolution process and stepped up efforts on community engagement.

In general, the steps taken by our team of community engagement managers is as follows:

  • Feedback is received from public/agency partners.
  • Our team will ask questions via email to understand the issue in greater detail and obtain the contact details of the relevant persons.
  • The community engagement managers will next engage the feedback provider and/or the person(s) who are the subject of the feedback through email/mail/phone . This will be the first attempt to resolve the matter.
  • Where required or if the first attempt fails, the team will bring in the our team will investigate the complaint on-site and attend at residences. This will be the second attempt to resolve the matter.
  • If the person(s) who are the subject of feedback are uncooperative or recalcitrant, our team will arrange for a further meeting on site together with the relevant authorities like AVS or NEA. This will be the third attempt to resolve the matter.
  • If all three attempts fail, then the matter will be handed over to AVS or HDB entirely. CWS will cease to assist any irresponsible cat owner or caregiver who refuses to change their habits. Their behaviour is harmful to the cat and all responsible cat owners and caregivers. Accordingly, they should be subject to penalties.

If you require assistance with a cat-related issue, please contact us at

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At Cat Welfare Society we believe every cat should live a life free from fear and suffering. This is why we exist, to help those who can't help themselves.


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