Our People

The Board 2016 / 2017

President - Thenuga Vijakumar

Vice-President - Katherine Reichelt

Treasurer - Fareena Omar

Secretary - Matsumoto Emi

Committee Member - Corinne Fong

Committee Member - Eunice Leow

Committee Member - Moi Sok Ling

Committee Member - Vanessa Vanderstraaten

Committee Member - Veron Lau

Committee Member - Wilson Ong

The Secretariat

Executive Director- Laura Ann Meranda

Senior Mediator - Michelle Siau

Our People in the News

Real life catwoman

What does it take to be the hero of the cat community? Earlier this year, a cat was spotted at Bukit Merah with a cable tie around its testicles and a broken right leg. For Laura Ann Meranda, 31, senior outreach manager with the Cat Welfare Society, this was one of the most serious cases of abuse that she had seen.

- See more at: https://www.youth.sg/Spotted/People/2016/10/Real%20life%20Catwoman

The lawyer who helps Singapore's community cats

Thenuga Vijakumar, the President of the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) on how she came to help community animals and the types of questions she has had to answer in her line of work.

- See more at: http://sg.asia-city.com/city-living/news/lawyer-who-helps-singapores-community-cats#sthash.y7ie6Wvs.dpufc

Dog-loving ex-banker becomes Cat Welfare Society CEO

Miss Joanne Ng quit her job as a banker specialising in the global market - a job that she had been holding for 15 years - to take up the CEO position.

Although she admits that the salary she earns now is just a fraction of what she used to get, Miss Ng said she wanted to do it for the community. CWS does not pay its board members and volunteers, so Miss Ng's salary is paid by the Patrick D Harrigan Foundation, following its pledge of support.

- See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/dog-loving-ex-banker-becomes-cat-welfare-society-ceo#sthash.OqzVv4E2.dpuf