2 January 2022, Call for Volunteers

CWS is looking for volunteers for 2022! A list of roles is set out below. If any of these are your cup of tea, please contact us via this form and come meet us on either 15 or 22 January 2022 between 12pm and 3pm in the Chinatown area. We will contact you with the address once we have collated the responses.

To note:
1. The minimum commitment period is six months unless otherwise stated in the description below .
2. Volunteers should have some basic Microsoft Office/Google apps experience, especially Excel, Word and Powerpoint, as much of our work is documented in those formats

TNRM Volunteers (2 to 5 positions)
The sterilisation volunteers will be assisting the CWS Community Engagement Managers and the Sterilisation Team with site-recces and possibly directly assisting individuals with trapping cats in their neighbourhood. These volunteers should ideally have their own transport and storage space for humane cat traps.

Outreach Co-ordinator for Pet Cat Sterilisation Programme (2 positions)
The outreach co-ordinator will work closely with the CWS Community Engagement Managers and the Sterilisation Team to organise door-to-door engagement with families that may not be able to afford the costs of sterilisation of their pet cats. The outreach is to occur every two weeks, on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month and will involve the physical door-to-door engagement with families to explain the need for sterilisation and offer assistance to those who may not be able to afford it. The minimum commitment period for this role is 8 months.

Info@ Volunteer (1 position)
The info@ volunteer will be assisting the CWS team with responding to emails received from the public in a timely manner and in the most helpful way possible. The volunteer will need to have excellent communication skills and the ability to respond to emails at least twice a week. The minimum commitment period for this role is 8 months.

Event Co-ordinator (1 position)
The events co-ordinator will assist the CWS Events Team with organising events. This will include liaising with locations, planning for logistics pre-event, calling and co-ordinating with on-site volunteers (and fosters if there is an adoption drive involved), and tear-down and return of any merchandise and collateral. All events must be in full compliance of the then-prevailing safe distancing measures. The events co-ordinator will need to have an eye for detail, be methodical in their work and ensure that all events are compliant with regulations.

Grant Application Volunteer (1 position)
The grant application volunteer will assist the CWS Fundraising Team with identifying and applying for suitable grants that will assist the society with further benefitting its primary beneficiaries – responsible cat caregivers and responsible cat owners. The volunteer must be a self-starter who takes the initiative to identify suitable grants and collate the information required for such grants. The volunteer must also be able to follow up on any deliverables required as part of the grant. The minimum commitment period for this role is 8 months.

Illustrator / Designer (2 positions)
The design volunteers will be assisting the CWS Education Team with the development of educational material on responsible cat ownership and caregiving for various groups of students. These could take the form of story books and worksheets.

Photographers and/or Videographers (3 positions)
The volunteer photographers will be working with the CWS Social Media and Education Teams with the creation of photos or videos for use on CWS’ platforms and for outreach. One example of this is a photoset on responsible caregiving or how to use a sonic repeller.

Social Media Content Writers (1 position)
The content volunteer will be working with the CWS Social Media Team and Community Engagement Managers to develop content for our social media platforms which focuses on CWS’ pillars of work.

Legal Research Volunteer (1 position)
The research volunteer will be assisting the CWS Advocacy Team with legal research and the drafting of a short paper comparing cat ownership and animal cruelty laws across several jurisdictions.

Website Volunteer (1 position)
The website volunteer will be assisting the CWS team

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