7 June 2021, Prevention of Animal Cruelty a Community Responsibility

Animal cruelty cases frequently remain unresolved largely due to a lack of evidence. This is despite copious efforts by the various NGOs, volunteers and authorities.

The only consistent deterrent is a vigilant community – one that keeps a constant eye on our community animals and wildlife. Each of us should keep a lookout for anyone acting suspiciously around animals and share the importance of such vigilance with your family, neighbours and peers.

If you see any act of cruelty, please immediately contact AVS at their 24 hour hotline at 1800 476 1600. If you require assistance with rescuing the cat, please try the SPCA at their hotline 6287 5355 (ext. 9). Please then follow up with an email to info@catwelfare.org to record the incident.

In the event that you feel threatened by the individual(s) at any point, please contact the police.

Cat Welfare Society

At Cat Welfare Society we believe every cat should live a life free from fear and suffering. This is why we exist, to help those who can't help themselves.


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