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New Sterilisation Reimbursement Policy and Form

Please note with immediate effect the changes to our sterilisation reimbursement policy.

Caregivers who are members of CWS will be reimbursed $20 per cat sterilised and $30 for the 5th cat onwards for receipts dated in the same month. Reimbursements are capped at $500 per person per month.

With these changes in place, we will be accepting sterilisation reimbursement claims in the new form format. You can download the new form here.

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Changes to Sterilisation Reimbursement

Dear CWS members,

We will be capping the amount of sterilisation reimbursements to $500 per member, per month, starting 1 March 2010.

While we do want to encourage our members to sterilise as many cats as they can every month, the cap is meant to discourage the growing occurrence where sterilisation receipts are accumulated by one member from many caregivers, which puts a strain on our finances.

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Success for Spay Day 2009

We at CWS are very pleased to report that a total of 210 cats were sterilised out of the 211 sent in (as one cat had fever and couldn't be done), which was an increase of about 34% more than the number of cats sterilised in 2008.

In total, there were 76 females and 135 males sterilised this year on Spay Day itself!

That means, we will be spending more than the $8000 as estimated on the vet bills.

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30 Oct 2009: Spay Day!

Tomorrow is a big day for all of us at CWS. It's our annual Spay Day 2009 and we are really excited to mass spay our beloved community cats at no cost to the caregivers, islandwide. We have roped in many vets who have kindly set aside spay slots on this particular day for us (which usually happens around Halloween each year) and CWS will be footing the bill of the surgeries afterwards.

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Spay Day 2009

Update on 06 Oct: Slots are all filled up. Sorry to those who didn't manage to get slots!

=== Update: Slots are filling fast! Have you sent us your applications by snail mail already?

=== Spay Day from Cat Welfare Society is now open for registration! ===

How to register:

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