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A Growing Cat Welfare Ecosystem

These are exciting times for cat welfare volunteers, supporters and activists. In the beginning, they started websites, then forums and they blogged. Now more than ever, they have organised themselves into a remarkably coherent voice for the common community cat in our communal void decks and on our collective streets.

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Update on MUIS case


Regarding the earlier post about MUIS’s stand on keeping and treating pets, Salina has written in to them.  According to her, she decided to write to MUIS directly as a milder approach, rather than addressing them through the press as she felt it might create a fair bit of negative reactions. 

On the same topic, the magazine that I mentioned yesterday has a section on religion and pets too (Pg 63).  However, it did not touch on MUI’s stand: if a pet causes conflict in the family, it is permissible to kill it.  CWS hopes this particular suggestion by MUIS can be changed as it conflicts with responsible pet ownership which is what all the local animal welfare groups are advocating.

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A Video About TNRM From YouTube Celeb

Li Tin:

Looks like our official website at is back online! 🙂

On the side, let’s take a look at this fantastic TNRM video (as forwarded to me by a friend) made by a YouTube celebrity who has a series of cat-related videos. I personally love his way of presentation and the production quality. Who knows? We might be able to get him to help us do up a video that goes more in depth on the benefits of sterilisation of Feral/Stray/Community Cats. 😀


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MUIS stand on keeping of cats as pets


CWS has received email from a muslim caregiver about the stand that MUIS has given on the above issue.  She is not agreeable to statements that are publised on the MUIS website about it.  She mentioned that some of the statements advocated irresponsible pet keeping and hoped that MUIS works more closely with SPCA and AVA to improve responsibility toward pet cats, including keeping them indoors and keeping them for live.  Another non-muslim caregiver has also texted me about this and he has written to the press as well.

Due to the religious/racial sensitivity of the issue, we have asked Salina, our sole muslim committee member to respond to it since she is familiar with the muslim teachings.  Our media representative, LiTin is looking into the matter too. 

CWS urges all to share with their religous leaders, friends and family about the benefits of TNR and other responsible pet cat keeping issues.

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AVA Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 2008!

Li Tin:
Kailing and I went to Expo earlier in the night to set up the booth for tomorrow’s (at the time of this post… it’s this morning actually) Responsible Pet Ownership Roadshow 2008.

Past years’ events were usually held at Orchard Road for 2 days, but this time round AVA had decided to extend the roadshow to 3 days and have it in a cool indoor area where activities can be better contained… and the best thing is – THERE IS AIR-CONDITIONING!

Sorry, I personally don’t fare too well in the humid heat of our sunny Singapore, but I digress.

Here are some of the event details.

Date: 7-9 November 2008 (Friday to Sunday)
Time: 11am – 9pm (will most probably close shop earlier on the last day)
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B (the one nearest to the Expo MRT station!)

We will be having merchandise sales… and a special lelong of our Christmas Cards at $2 for a pack of 8!

Do pop by and say hi to our volunteers! =)

(Psst Kailing, please put pictures up together with this post ok? Thanks!)

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Cat Deterrent – “Xiang Mao” Oil


I tried using this to deter community cats on top of moth balls and it proved to be useful.  Xiang Mao if I translate it correctly should be lemon grass.  You can buy this oil at medical halls or selected organic produce shops.  It sets you aback by $11.9.

Here’s a photo of it and I cropped out the Chinese name also for a clearer view.


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Spay Day Vets

[caption id="attachment_905" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Cats going home soon!"]Cats going home soon![/caption]

Kai Ling:

Here are the cats in their carriers waiting to be loaded into the van. Adding on to my previous post, we would like to also thank the vets for being part of Spay Day. It was a pity though, that some care-givers who signed up did not turn up with the cats, and hence, there were were extra slots not filled-up . Do thank your vets when you see them, for offering CWS subsidized rates for sterilisation on Spay Day. The participating vet clinics are: 

  1. Allpets & Aqualife Pte Ltd
  2. AMK Veterinary Surgery
  3. AAVC – Animal & Avian Veterinary Clinic
  4. Animal Practice Pte Ltd
  5. Animal Recovery Centre Pte Ltd
  6. Animal Recovery Centre (East)
  7. Animal Recovery Veterinary Centre
  8. Clinic for Pets
  9. James Tan veterinary Centre Pte Ltd
  10. Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital 
  11. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (Springside) Pte Ltd
  12. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (East) Pte Ltd
  13. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (North) Pte Ltd
  14. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (Bedok)
  15. Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic (West) Pte Ltd
  16. Namly Animal Clinic
  17. Pet Clinic
  18. The Animal Doctors
  19. The Joyous Vet Pte Ltd
  20. The Veterinary Clinic (Harbour Front Walk)
  21. The Veterinary Clinic (Holland VIllage)
  22. Vet Practice Pte Ltd 

Thank you all for your kind support!

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